3214.   AR AR

A  secret  known  to  many  people  is  no  longer  a  secret  but  an  imformational  virus  that  rapidly  crawls  into  different  heads. 

翻译: Muhortova Natalie

艺术 Keyes Fro (Kujelnay Valeria)



3.279.   AR AR

The most valuable thing is what you value the least, that's the secret of wealth. 

翻译: NeuronNet


3.381.   AR AR

The   key   to   success   is   to   hide   something   very   sophisticated   under   something   very   simple.   When   people   see   that   something   very   simple   is   capable   of   miracles,   they   will   think   it   is   a   miracle.

翻译: lushchenko Marina


3.499.   AR AR

The   point   of   Schrödinger's   cat   is   that   you   will   do   fine   as   long   as   you   do   not   tear   masks   off   people   or   try   getting   into   Bluebeard’s   secret   room.   Axiomatic   faith   is   capable   of   choosing   any   reality   option   it   needs.

翻译: lushchenko Marina


4.850.   AR AR

The Sphinx is the symbol of a woman, a monster with the body of a lion and the head of a woman. The Sphinx is the guardian of truth, which is always a mystery.

翻译: NeuronNet


6.123.   AR AR

Mystery attracts attention, attention breeds love.

翻译: NeuronNet


7.256.   AR AR

Many   mind-boggling   secrets   are   so   simple   that   nobody   wants   to   believe   in   them.

翻译: Sodmis


7.682. The truth is fun.   AR AR

The truth is a secret, they're usually lying, but when bragging, sometimes telling the truth.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.6517.   AR AR


10.6516.   AR AR


10.5883.   AR AR

The meaning of life is to collect the puzzle and solve all the puzzles.  Everything that meets you, happens not just like that, and has a very important and meaningful purpose.  It is necessary to reduce all events of the life to one most important.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.5002.   AR AR

Metaphors and parables are, in fact, pills with pleasure, a riddle and a clue.  Solve the riddle - get candy and fun.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.4040.   AR AR

Are you afraid of taking a wrong turn?  Afraid of not achieving your goal?  I'll tell you a secret.  Your goal is always with you, wherever you go, she goes.  As long as there is love in you, you cannot go astray.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.3315.   AR AR

Lies are the secret weapon of truth in the struggle for power over energy.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.2810.   AR AR

The Bible is a book that reveals the secrets of the dungeon.  Man is a blind slave who is so ignorant that he thinks he is free.

翻译: NeuronNet


9.9807.   AR AR

There are no secrets. Everything is available and obvious, but just if a person is a fool, then...

翻译: NeuronNet


9.9823. Payment for lies.   AR AR

They  don't  like  being  caught  publicly  on  a  lie.  They  are  willing  to  pay  to  keep  their  lie  a  secret.  If  you  catch  them  on  a  lie,  don`t  expose  them  immediately,  it  may  be  advantageous  to  make  them  pay.

翻译: NeuronNet


9.9769.   AR AR

Curiosity is a sin, as well as envy, you really want other people's secrets, you passionately want someone else's and it is, of course, a sin.

翻译: NeuronNet


9.6169.   AR AR

Dopamine knowledge-the latest secret Internet knowledge that brings maximum pleasure and enlightenment to its owner, if you eat it.

翻译: NeuronNet


9.6083.   AR AR

There are no hidden meanings anywhere. Everything is very clearly and clearly visible, if you look closely. All talk of secret meanings should be regarded as the ravings of a gray Mare. You remember that when a horse has nothing to do, he likes to think...

翻译: NeuronNet


9.6043. Secret of emptiness.   AR AR

Emptiness   allows   you   to   think   up...   therefore   giving   the   spectator   an   opportunity   to   build   the   image   inside   yourself   up   to   holistic   perception.

翻译: Sodmis


9.5583. A secret treasure.   AR AR

It's  not  enough  to  find  a  treasure.  It's  also  necessary  to  recognize  it,  believe  in  it  and  then,  by  risking  everything  try  to  get  a  chance  to  own  it.

翻译: Muhortova Natalie



4.1793. 寻找真相   AR AR

每一个秘密都变得显而易见 这是关于书"意见分歧"。

翻译: NeuronNet