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Movement-life, running energizes.  If you run and get tired, you're not running right.

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Running teaches us that the more you run, the easier it is to run.  Forces accumulate as you exercise.  Running teaches us that if we overcome pain and lack of strength, a second wind will open.  Running teaches us that strenuous effort is a source of joy and energy.

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Learn to run clockwise and counterclockwise.  In life you need to be able to swim with the flow and against.

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When you do something, for example, run, do not think about the finish, enjoy the movement.  Movement is life.  If you start thinking about the finish line, it will create fear and drain your energy. 

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It was only by learning to breathe properly by the age of 40 that I was able to learn to run and control my fear.

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To love yourself, go in for sports, sport is good for self-esteem.

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To run happily.  Running is meditation.  When you run with concentration, silence forms in your head, all worries and fears die, which brings joy.

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10.5303. Joyful prayer.   AR AR

To do morning exercises, press and run is also a prayer.  Prayer is a ritual.  All you turn into a joyful ritual is prayer.

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In fact, Running, as an element of physical education, is a process of controlled time-limited stress, allowing to develop immunity to stress uncontrollable and accidental.

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