2329.   AR AR

Theoretical  wisdom  almost  doesn't  work  in  practice. 

翻译: Muhortova Natalie


3.411.   AR AR

Universal wisdom is theory, and one's own wisdom is practice.

翻译: NeuronNet


7.551.   AR AR

Theorist is a strategist, tactician is a practitioner.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.434. Practice and theory.   AR AR

In catching birds of fortune great factor theory...  When to catch, where to catch, what to catch, what to lure, etc.Then we move on to practice.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.435. Indivisible entities.   AR AR

Right and wrong are the same as theory and practice.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.443.   AR AR

Theory is absolute knowledge and practice is relative knowledge.  The relativity of the theory with respect to the "here and now" makes it dependent on speed, time and place.

翻译: NeuronNet


4.1670.   AR AR

The solution to any problem begins with the study of theory. The problem and everything that concerns it need to know. You need to consult with books, the Internet and smart people. Knowing a problem kills the fear of it.

翻译: NeuronNet


4.1892.   AR AR

A new dream requires new knowledge, so start each new goal with reading, consulting and learning theory.

翻译: NeuronNet


4.2438.   AR AR

Awareness is theory and reality is practice, these two should be in dialectical unity.

翻译: NeuronNet


4.2938. Theory is a paradigm.   AR AR

If you look at reality through the eyes of a theory, the paradigm of this theory will distort reality accordingly.

翻译: NeuronNet


4.2939.   AR AR

The reality seriously changes depending on what theory to look at it.

翻译: NeuronNet


9.1232.   AR AR

Thought is the theory, actions, or practice. Usually practice is very far from theory.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.5285.   AR AR

Experience allows us to find out in practice the factors that can be controlled, those that can not and those that are not defined.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.3325.   AR AR

Causes are related to consequences through chance and probability theory.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.3753.   AR AR

Theoretical fears and hopes are many times different from real ones.  Theory and practice are like two mockups at different scales.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.3762. Top and bottom view.   AR AR

Theory and practice are two entities whose main task is mutual control.  Theories have illusions, practices have fear, addictions, and night blindness.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.4102.   AR AR

Experience is the knowledge of the real world, the reinforcement of theoretical knowledge by the real practice of life.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.4278.   AR AR

You cannot know truth from books, because books are illusion and truth is reality.  Experience is the source of truth.  However, it is desirable to know what to look for.  Books are theory and experience is practice.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.4279.   AR AR

Truth is reality, so it is inseparable from man and his circumstances.  It takes personal experience to turn theory into practice.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.4491.   AR AR

Theory without experience and personal practice application of this lies and fantasy.  Theorists, visionaries.  However, practice without theory is weak.  Theory develops practice, makes it stronger, brings novelty and growth to it.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.4497.   AR AR

The theory of this understanding, and the experience is an experience.  When combined, these two give rise to the enlightenment.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.4503.   AR AR

Theory is a top view, practical experience is a bottom view.  Combining, both these visions give a holistic vision of being.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.4509.   AR AR

Theory is the ultimate universal truth that still needs to be adapted to " Who?  What?  Where?  When?".

翻译: NeuronNet


10.4845.   AR AR

Experience is the cure for fear.  The point of practice is to get rid of the fear of theory.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.4924.   AR AR

I see here the unity of theory and practice, Yin and Yang.  Love without reason is monstrous.  A mind devoid of love is not beautiful either...

翻译: NeuronNet


10.5278.   AR AR

The meaning of life experience is to turn theory into practice, to get rid of fear and gain confidence in yourself, that is, faith.  In the absence of a theory of experience creates fear.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.6152.   AR AR


10.6139.   AR AR


10.6138.   AR AR


10.6134.   AR AR


10.5788.   AR AR

Theoretical, devoid of practice and personal experience, knowledge of reality, generates fear, laziness and weakness.  As the mind becomes immersed in theory, it loses its immunity to reality and becomes sensually tender.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.5527.   AR AR

Practice is a theory limited by real circumstances.

翻译: NeuronNet


10.2054.   AR AR

Faith is a fusion of theory and practice, knowledge and experience.

翻译: NeuronNet



4.456. 更聪明和更富有的人,他们有更少的孩子?   AR AR

在进化理论的发展Synthetism认为,对繁殖的偏好应给予强大的,致力于和聪明的人。 更聪明,更丰富,更强大的人是,更多的孩子,他应该有。 这个计划的实施方式是在文明和女性自我意识的发展条件下,我们来到一个聪明和坚强的女人可以独立抚养和培养孩子的状态。 而这样一个完美的女人很难找到一个男人,她可以欣赏,谁会比她更聪明,更强大。 这样的妇女发现自己的情况下,有没有人爱,没有人佩服,有孩子从难以理解的随机男人谁造成什么,但蔑视。 这是一个危险的情况,充满了对基因库的破坏。 Entalism,在这种情况下,有两个成年人自愿同意,建议放弃婚姻制度和男子对儿童的经济责任。 一个女人可以选择一个正派的男人谁可以被爱,并与他签订精子捐赠合同,从他身上怀孕,从男人身上除去孩子的财务和法律责任。 这将允许妇女选择他们最喜欢的男性分娩,男人不要害怕性的法律和财务后果。 因此,最好的和完美的男人将能够有成千上万的孩子,最好的女性将有机会获得最好的遗传物质和谁想要爱的人,从他们那里你想有孩子的男人。

翻译: NeuronNet


4.3701.   AR AR

Soloing逻辑是俄罗斯-保加利亚心理学家和心理治疗师solodilova梅德Sergeevich(博士独奏)的别名。 心理咨询:抑郁症,恐惧,痛苦,失去意义和意志的生活,为人父母,个人生活,灵感和动机,提高自信和自尊,个人成长,意志力和精神,心身疾病。 关于一般生活心理学,职业,商业,广告,管理和艺术的主题的咨询。 哲学,心理学,历史,经济学,科学普及,艺术理论,管理和广告的讲座。

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