734.   AR AR

The  fact  that  knives  get  dull  from  work  and  horses  die  of  it,  should  be  interpreted. Its  essence  is  that  one  shouldn't  work  everywhere,  not  a  lot  and  not  thoughtlessly,  but  only  when  the  work  is  needed  and  in  an  effective  and  rational  way,  as  dull  knives  and  dead  horses  are  not  needed. 

翻译: Muhortova Natalie


3.768.   AR AR

Look at work strategically.  Salary and difficulties are not the main thing, the main thing-experience, training, Dating, reputation...  The most valuable thing in the work is the opportunity to train your skills at someone else's expense. 

翻译: NeuronNet


1745.   AR AR

It's  impossible  to  be  liked  by  everyone  but  it's  important  to  list  all  people  that  should  like  you  personally.  This  list  should  contain  people  important  and  influential  for  you,  hence  the  ones  who  may  influence  your  personal  life,  career  and  promotion. 

翻译: Muhortova Natalie

艺术 Amateur (Datsenko)



3.220.   AR AR

During  the  probationary  period  in  training,  a  person  is  intentionally  put  under  stress  to  see  how  he  copes  with  it.  If  the  person  is  strong,  he  shall  remain  calm  and  reasonable.

翻译: lushchenko Marina


3.778.   AR AR

If you see a job, grab it like a lifeline.  The harder the job, the better.  But do not chase the number, and look harder.  The more monstrous the task, the more interesting it is to work.

翻译: NeuronNet


3.280. Do well what you love.   AR AR

Make   sure   you   do   easy   things   first.   Today,   one   thing   is   easy   and   tomorrow   something   else   is.   If   you   are   lucky,   you   will   not   have   to   do   hard   things   at   all.   Easy   things   will   be   done   magically   and   effectively,   bringing   you   enormous   profits.

翻译: lushchenko Marina


3.303.   AR AR

The power of robots is that they are smooth.  Robots can do their job without unnecessary emotions

翻译: NeuronNet


3.302.   AR AR

The strength of robots is that they do not suffer from depression, therefore, can dispassionately do the most useless work, so turning a lie into truth.

翻译: NeuronNet


3.305.   AR AR

You feel bad about doing your job.  And you don't suffer, you try to do it well.  What could be easier?  Or maybe you're not doing your job?

翻译: NeuronNet


3361. Harmful sententiosity.   AR AR

The  sententiosity  about  how  one  should  work  and  go  all  out,  is  really  harmful  in  itself.  As  doing  things  this  way  will  lead  to  a  person's  fatigue  and  degradation.  What's  more,  finally  it  will  significantly  slow  down  a  person's  efficiency.  Spending  20%  of  time  and  efforts  on  work  is  the  best  variant  as  the  remaining  time  and  efforts  should  be  spent  on  self-development,  rest  and  sport. 

翻译: Muhortova Natalie


3.456.   AR AR

Keep it simple that means less chatter.  Simplicity is a zone of low pressure, where energy flows from the chaos zone, where the pressure is ultra-high.

翻译: NeuronNet


3.471. Occam’s razor   AR AR


The   point   of   Occam’s   razor   is   that,   out   of   two   options,   the   simplest   one   will   be   the   true   one.


翻译: lushchenko Marina


3.481.   AR AR

Keep  it  simple,  and  you  will  be  more  likeable.  Simplicity  is  a  low-pressure  zone  blown  by  all  winds.

翻译: lushchenko Marina


3.530.   AR AR

There  are  exceptions  to  all  laws,  so,  basically,  you  can  apply  any  rule  the  other  way  round  and  see  what  happens.  However,  it  would  be  more  original  to  apply  it  differently  rather  than  the  other  way  round  because  truth  is  not  a  double-edged  sword  but  a  three-dimensional  sphere.

翻译: lushchenko Marina


3.531.   AR AR

Looking  at  yourself  through  your  boss’s  eyes  is  a  good  idea.  Your  boss’s  eyes  are  like  a  mirror  reflecting  all  virtues  and  vices  of  his  employees.

翻译: lushchenko Marina


3.547.   AR AR

You'll need social connections for your career, but where do you get them?  Where to take them you will come up with yourself, but remember that you will interfere with fear, laziness, ignorance and lies.  People like honest, courageous and useful in business people, and all others don't like.

翻译: NeuronNet


3.548.   AR AR

From the fear of man become vile and weak, if people think you are, then you are very cowardly.  You need to develop your spirit.

翻译: NeuronNet


3.551.   AR AR

Redundant  words,  redundant  questions,  redundant  answers…  Of  course,  it  is  best  to  keep  silence  but  silence  may  also  be  redundant.  Taciturnity  often  accompanies  stupidity  and  cowardice.

翻译: lushchenko Marina


3.552.   AR AR

Every  person  should  have  something  special  about  himself.  This  something  special  helps  differentiate  among  people.  If  a  person  has  nothing  special  about  him,  he  is  hard  to  remember.  He  becomes  invisible,  so  to  say.

翻译: lushchenko Marina


3.554. Night construction.   AR AR

Success is something like a point and a universe at the same time.  Success seems to be instantaneous, but the truth is that the universe has been created for decades.  The point is that you build the universe in the dark, and success is just when the light is turned on and it illuminates the world already created before in the dark.

翻译: NeuronNet


3.556.   AR AR

Cowardly  people  don’t  get  along  with  their  teammates.  Fear  kills  confidence,  so  cowards  neither  believe  nor  love  people.  No  love,  no  cohesion.

翻译: lushchenko Marina