5.965. An unethical person is a liar.   AR AR

Ethics is a firm knowledge of what is good and what is evil. Knowing what is good is truth and what is evil is a lie. Unethical human, he makes mistakes, all the confusing and therefore we call him a liar, a fool

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6.868. Evil is a small and immature good.   AR AR

In this world, there is almost no pure black, which means that absolute evil is a myth, ... which means that in any evil there is good. And you should know that if darkness is the absence of darkness, even a little bit of fire this is a fire and so he became the more his need to feed. Compassion for evil is compassion for the small and immature, an attempt to warm it with love and allow it to grow. They say that good grows out of evil.

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7.579. Catch contingencies and use them for the good of the cause.   AR AR

The  Devil  is  chaos  and  his  task  is  to  engender  contingencies.  God  is  order  and  his  task  is  to  catch  contingencies,  transforming  them  into  regularities,  beauty  and  use.  The  Devil  is  an  ocean  in  which  fish  lives  and  God  is  the  fisherman  who  catches  that  fish.  Good  is  what  transforms  evil  into  good  and  contingencies  into  regularities.

翻译: lushchenko Marina


4.34.   AR AR

It   is   dangerous   to   protect   a   person   from   Vice   from   the   outside.   You   will   protect   him   from   the   lesser   evil,   and   he   will   be   the   victim   of   the   greater   one.   The   lesser   evil   protects   man   from   the   greater   one.  
A   person   can   save   himself   from   Vice   only,   an   attempt   to   save   him   from   the   outside   and   by   force   will   only   aggravate   the   situation.

翻译: Varvara Uchevatkina


2330. Evil kindness and kind evil.   AR AR

Sometimes  one  may  yell  and  swear  but  bring  the  good. 
Sometimes  one  may  smile  and  be  nice  but  bring  evil. 

It's  not  the  temper  of  the  horse  but  the  content  of  its  cart  that  matters. 

翻译: Muhortova Natalie


2432. Terrible evil.   AR AR

Eradicating  foolishness  and  weakness  is  good.  But  even  more  foolishness  and  terrible  evil  is  the  total  destruction  of  foolishness  and  weakness.  For  what  shall  come  to  Nothing  will  become  everything.

翻译: lushchenko Marina


3.120. Resignation unites extremes.   AR AR

Resignation   is   the   union   of   “ands”   which   reconciles   extremes.   Resignation   turns   friends   into   enemies,   failures   into   successes,   right   into   wrong   and   evil   into   good.

翻译: lushchenko Marina


3.193.   AR AR

Do you wish to eradicate vices?  You want to kill the children of virtue?  Killer!  Don't you know that growing up, vices turn into virtues?

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3829.   AR AR

In  fact,  it's  only  love  that  can  conquer  evil  as  evil  is  just  the  result  of  the  lack  of  love  and  the  absence  of  the  soulmate.  Yin  and  Yang  that  haven't  met  each  other,  will  be  doomed  to  eternal  suffering. 

翻译: Muhortova Natalie


3948.   AR AR

Moderation  is  self-sufficing  while  extremes  need  to  be  reflected. 

Extremes  attract  some  opposite  extremes.  Any  system  needs  balance.  Thus,  any  sinner  needs  a  righteous  man  and  anything  evil  needs  something  good.  Anyone  who  creates  something  good,  creates  something  bad  at  the  same  time.  In  this  world,  full  of  extremes,  there's  never  enough  moderation  and  the  reason  for  that  is  simple  -  moderation  doesn't  need  to  be  reflected. 

翻译: Muhortova Natalie

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4.297.   AR AR

Dog eats dog. The point is that evil touches only Vice and sin. Good and virtuous people evil passes by.

翻译: NeuronNet


4.334.   AR AR

Don't touch what's good enough. Straight lines are equal among themselves, and those who are more equal, those curves. Good cannot be better than good and good cannot be improved.

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4.430.   AR AR

You say you do good to people, but you don't feel grateful to them? What good do you do them? Do you, like the devil, tempt them with pleasures and gifts? Give them entertainment and things? Interfering with their work and their duty? Yes, in hell you burn, vile you being, not gratitude.

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4.431.   AR AR

For a good deed speak boldly. Good conquers evil as light conquers darkness.

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4.436.   AR AR

Remember no evil. Evil is darkness and falsehood, that is, what is not, the illusion of night. Why do you keep…

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6.459.   AR AR

Evil can be defeated by love, but you need to be able to love. Not able to love turn love into a passion, fire in the flame... that kind of love only reinforces evil and turns into the evil all around him.

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6.700.   AR AR

To loosen the Vice and strengthen the virtue, so that virtuous happened in the order plan and often rather vicious - random, happens rarely. Let the good will be order and chaos by accident. Or bring chaos to order, he doesn't like it either.

翻译: NeuronNet


6.869.   AR AR

Evil does not exist. There is only Nothing that loves Beauty. Good is beauty. And there is a process of growth, when like the universe from a point, from nothing begins to grow good. While beauty is small and weak, it is called "evil", but when it grows stronger and gains strength, it begins to be called "good".

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4.254. 创造天堂   AR AR

书"多样性"的含义-创造一个失去的天堂。 这一生中所有的邪恶的原因是从天堂驱逐,如果所有的人回到天堂,邪恶就会消失。 邪恶是天堂之外的黑暗,天堂里没有邪恶。

翻译: NeuronNet