9.44. Love and hope.   AR AR

In  order  to  start  moving  towards  success,  you  need  hope  but  in  order  to  achieve  success  hope  should  die.  You  will  succeed  when  you  start  acting  in  the  full  conviction  that  you  won't  manage  to  do  anything.  But  it  won't  bother  you  anymore  as  your  main  motive  will  be  love  and  you'll  simply  have  to  do  what  you  do...

翻译: Muhortova Natalie


3.213.   AR AR

It   is   bad   not   to   hope   because   an   absence   of   hope   is   harmful.   Hoping   for   one   thing   is   also   the   sin   of   idolatry   and   it   will   fall   short   too.   God   is   everything,   that’s   why   you   should   hope   for   everything   at   a   time,   understanding   that   you   will   not   obtain   everything.

翻译: lushchenko Marina


4.3476.   AR AR

About the exploitation of hope you should remember two important facts. First, that hope is a poison that in small amounts can cure. Second, hope is for the present, not for the future. If you leave hope in the present and use it as a force to move now, it will be miraculous and beautiful, but if you give it to the future, it will create fear and become the brake of the present.

翻译: NeuronNet


4.3487.   AR AR

In order to change the present and escape from the wheel of suffering, it is necessary to get rid of the hope for the future and the regrets of the past. When you focus on reality, you realize that the wheel in which the squirrel runs is the wheel of fear. The squirrel runs away from the fear of the past towards the fear of the future. Squirrel is so busy with his fears that he does not notice the present.

翻译: NeuronNet


4.3987.   AR AR

Reading books gives us hope that we can find a solution to our problems. Hope kills fear.

翻译: NeuronNet


5.1222.   AR AR

What is most terrible, what is least hopeful, the most useless, will help.

翻译: NeuronNet


5.1305.   AR AR

Use what is least hopeful, it is the cheapest and grows well.

翻译: NeuronNet


5.3024.   AR AR

If there is no hope, it must be lied to... " no "is a small "Yes", a lie is a small truth... If you lie to hope many times, you will materialize it.

翻译: NeuronNet


5.3439.   AR AR

Hope and faith are one and the same. Hope is weak faith. Faith is a strong hope.

翻译: NeuronNet


5.3567.   AR AR

Hope is the desire to escape from fear. Running away from fear, one finds love. Hope is the direction where it is tedious to run from fear to find love.

翻译: NeuronNet


5.4494.   AR AR

We live in a world of desires, desires are dreams. The servants of the dream are those in whom there is hope. Falling in love with your dream and believing in it, you will achieve great success in the world of desires.

翻译: NeuronNet


5.4568.   AR AR

Anyone who does not retreat will reach the goal and we do not know those who could not. But those in whom there is no love will perish. Love is dream and hope, faith and perseverance, miracle and God.

翻译: NeuronNet


4.1028. Dukkha is hope.   AR AR

Hope is a mask of greed, clinging and grasping, greed, obsessive desire to lie. The squirrel is locked in the wheel of hope.

翻译: NeuronNet


4.1042.   AR AR

Hope is like a fish hook. Hope is like a social Elevator. Hope is like an ascending and descending stream of air. Hope is wind. The wind is fair and not very, weak and strong. When you are caught on the hook, the main time to break, leaving the Elevator up, you need to get off the Elevator, otherwise you will go back down. Hope must be used as birds use the currents of the wind.

翻译: NeuronNet


4.3750. What is seated on.   AR AR

Integrity   is   simultaneity.   Hope   for   yourself   and   others.   Hope   for   order   and   fortuitousness.   Hope   for   “doing”   and   “having”.   Hope   for   “being”   and   “not   being”.  

Hope   for   beauty   and   ugliness,   darkness   and   light,   heat   and   cold,   fear   and   love,   anger   and   tenderness,   redemption   and   death.

翻译: lushchenko Marina


3.47.   AR AR

They know that when a dream comes true, it dies, but they like to dream.

翻译: NeuronNet



4.862.   AR AR

要快乐,必须打破激情的枷锁,成为冷静。 语法的本质-冷静的实现,免于依赖。 释放心灵的欲望希望的枷锁。

翻译: NeuronNet


4.2675. 月面   AR AR


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