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Dukha is a chain of forms that has stolen freedom from the mind.

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10.19398.     AR AR

Dukha is born of fear and lies.  Fear and lies are born of ignorance.

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Karma generated by pride locks a person in the wheel of samsara.  Pride is the unity of fear, lies, and ignorance, which give rise to illusions and dukha.  In fact, lying is an illusion, dukha is suffering, and ignorance is their own mother.

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Thought " Everything is for the best»  will save you from all the hardships and sufferings of this world.

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The reason for our hardships and sufferings is not self-directed hope, but also the desire and thirst for power, that is, pride.

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What is the desire, the desire is a concern.  Care is a burden.

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The hardships and sufferings of your life consist of all that you consider bad and unjust.  There is too much darkness around you, and you live in darkness and tremble with fear.  If you become enlightened, the darkness will turn into light and the fear will recede, taking all your worries with it.

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10.14275. Desire is fear.     AR AR

To let go is to trust and stop fighting reality.  As long as you don't struggle with the burden, it doesn't exist.  You fight because you have no faith.  Faith is love.  Pride is the absence of love.  Love is joy and energy.  Against the background of the absence of love, there is an acute thirst and hunger for pleasure, the absence of which generates fear.

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4.1038. Dukkha is hope.     AR AR

What   is   dukkha?

Here   is   what   dukkha   is:

Dukkha   is   birth.

Dukkha   is   aging.

Dukkha   is   death.

Dukkha   is   encounter   with   the   undesirable.

Dukkha   is   separation   from   the   desirable.

Dukkha   is   the   impossibility   to   achieve   the   desirable.

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