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5.3.     AR AR

Tree, if cut, is growing better.  Cut it off and grow bigger.  Remove the excess and get the beauty.

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5.79. It is superfluous when too sickly sweet.     AR AR

To avoid excess, you either remove the excess, or dilute it with tar.

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9.9090.     AR AR

Intuition   is   needed   to   avoid   extremes   such   as   shortage   and   excess.

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9.7093.     AR AR

Overdosing is easier than gleaning, so busting have to be afraid more than the shortage.

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6.2229. Let it go, let it grow.     AR AR

The essence of the bust is that you do not need to spend too much time on one tree. A tree is not an idol to be prayed for. In the time that idolaters spend praying to one tree, you can plant and care for the whole garden.

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6.2121. Take a lump and remove the excess.     AR AR

If you have something does not work or does not work, start with that first to create a bust and then start to remove the excess. If you already have chaos, you can immediately start to clean up excess.

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10.625. Ignorance.     AR AR

Is there any other cause of human suffering than stupidity?  Stupidity is lack of sense of proportion and taste, impoliteness and ugliness.

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10.6764.     AR AR

Difficulties confuse and hinder everything.  If you don't know what to do, remove the excess.

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10.513.     AR AR

Stupidity is immoderation of mind.  Wisdom is a sense of taste, an intuitive sense of the limits of what is permitted.

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10.515. Moderation is joyful.     AR AR

Outside of beauty, it's raining problems.  The island of politeness is warm and cozy, but once you cross the line, you find an ocean of pain.

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10.509.     AR AR

A sense of beauty in a person is brought up with sticks.  Pain teaches a person to feel beauty, any violation of moderation and harmony is ugly.

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6.441.     AR AR

The necessary is always there. Everything superfluous requires a lot of extra effort.

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10.578.     AR AR

Grain and chaff, in fact, is the same, the difference between them is only that the grain knows its boundaries, and the chaff immoderate.

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6.237.     AR AR

If lies have to remove the excess - you will get the truth.

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5.924.     AR AR

Do you know what passion and greed are? That's overkill. That's when the light went out and the power went out. Do you realize that if you burn, it will be eternal darkness?

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5.839.     AR AR

The more beautiful and perfect, the more tar and flies must be, otherwise there will be too much. Too good is the same as not good.

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5.163.     AR AR

The essence of circumcision is that it just seems that to remove the excess it's painful and scary, but really, not painful, and even useful. Pruned tree grows better, getting rid of excess, you get the right.

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5.143.     AR AR

Reducing the excess, add to the missing. Look for people unnecessary and add to your missing. Reducing your excess give it to where it is missing.

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6.691.     AR AR

The devil this immune system God, she kills cancer cells and all other pests, who lost sense of measures and became victim of evils.

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3.876. Wanted the worse     AR AR


Wanted the best , but it turned out as always, because too much.  The best can only be done in the initial stages.  At the stages of improvement you need to do as worse, moving very small steps.


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10.501.     AR AR

What is politeness? 
- Restraint, moderation and sense of taste.  When a person loses his sense of beauty and goes beyond the boundaries of what is permissible, he immediately falls into hell.

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10.505.     AR AR

What is hell?  An ocean of pain? 
- It's so rude.  When a person loses his sense of proportion, he leaves the boundaries of beauty and gets to where the guest is greeted with sticks.

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10.511. Border man.     AR AR

Pain and suffering speak of the immoderation of the human character.  In man there is no sense measures and more taste, moderation, harmony, courtesy and wisdom.

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