5.37.     AR AR

Restraint is firmness.  If you decide to do something, take it and do it, regardless of any circumstances and objections.

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5.91.     AR AR

There is a deep meaning in getting rid of desires.  Getting rid of desires trains willpower and teaches restraint.  However, before you get rid of something, you need to have it.  Getting rid of desires is useful only for those who have already known passion. 

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4.428.     AR AR

To learn to win, you must first learn patience. Practice one kick 10,000 times requires great restraint.

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4.707.     AR AR

There are two types of restraint: the first relaxed and sane, and the second tense and similar to constipation.

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5.112.     AR AR

Aggression and anger are a form of restraint towards the intemperance of passion. Over-loved children and people, in General, are very angry, passion hurts them.

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5.432.     AR AR

Firmness and strength come from restraint, beauty and the desire for order. Restraint is the pursuit of order

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5.479.     AR AR

If someone bothers you for his short temper, threaten him over his temper, and he will find restraint. On the other hand, you are often attacked, because you have not kept these attacks there is a desire to give you the form.

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5.527.     AR AR

Small is constrained by his weakness. In order to grow it must acquire restraint, that is, the ability to restrain itself on its own.

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5.528. Learning restraint.     AR AR

The point of meditation is to train yourself to restraint, learn to accumulate energy for growth and movement.

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5.568.     AR AR

Meaninglessness and lack of purpose is intemperance. Meaningfulness, the presence of goals, clear deadlines for their achievement and an exemplary plan of action is restraint.

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10.5213. Restraint is strength.     AR AR

Calm and balanced people are terrible in anger and fear, because they have huge reserves of energy, before stored intact.

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10.4480.     AR AR

Restraint is rules, order and beauty.

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10.4232.     AR AR

Be restrained in passive pleasure.  Joy is a source of energy, but if this energy is not used, it will have to be utilized.  Fear and all its facets is what recycles excess energy.

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10.1629. Restraint.     AR AR

Attachment is an addiction.
To get rid of attachment, prolonged meditation in emptiness is necessary.  In other words, it is necessary to exercise restraint and devote time to non-doing.  As behind a dam it is necessary to accumulate thirst of doing.

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10.1128.     AR AR

Communicating with people requires restraint and maintaining distance.  The fact that the rot of pride and the worm of Vice is contagious.  To apples are not spoiled, you need to wrap each in a sheet of paper.

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10.5769. The force of deterrence.     AR AR

The lack of growth and movement leads to the release of energy, which can be accumulated by stretching, like a bowstring or spring.  The stored energy can be used for explosive growth.  To do this, you need to have a specific goal and avoid energy leakage.  Fear and joy are radiators to release excess energy.  In addition, the energy can leave through parasitic actions that are kind of calming.  Any activity, including thoughts, leads to a drain of energy.

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10.5770.     AR AR

If, by exercising restraint, one can avoid energy leakage through activity, fear, and joy, one can accumulate enough energy to achieve any goal.

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10.5444.     AR AR

Love requires maintaining distance there is, too much proximity kills love.

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10.5433. An inexhaustible source of energy.     AR AR

Sins and vices are necessary for the person that there was something to limit for accumulation of energy necessary for growth to perfection.

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10.5314. Willpower is strength of mind.     AR AR

In addition to the point of view and infinity of chaos, there is a third entity, which is limited chaos.  Limited chaos is the truth.  Truth can be like a circle, a square, a triangle, or any other geometric shape.

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