10.9401.     AR AR

They carry water to the offended, because resentment is pleasure and drug addiction.  It's not your fault, you're good ...  being good is a joy.  The one who offends you gives you pleasure.  You become addicted to pleasure.  You are angry that you are given little pleasure and demand that you get hurt more and more.

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10.21266.     AR AR

Manipulators like  first say a lot of nasty things, and then pretend to be kind and good.  In fact, this is the implementation of the principle "water is carried on the offended".  First we offend or frighten a person by instilling a negative... and then we show our good half.  Thus, the person running away from the bad, tries to subconsciously behave so that the manipulator was good and kind.

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6.80.     AR AR

The scenario of "bad - good COP" is a complication of the scenario "on offended carry water".  Bad offends, and for good you carry water.

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6.73.     AR AR

The one who hurt you, wanted power over you, the one you resented, possessed you.

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6.72.     AR AR

First they hurt you, then you, offended, carry water for them.

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6.71. On offended water carry.     AR AR

First it scares and attacks you to offend.  Then you run away from him, offended.  Then hurt you sit and cry, feeling sorry for myself, and it is ideal friendly and smiling...  Then you carry water for him.  If you want to run away, it repeats everything again.

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