10.18249. My light, mirror, tell me!     AR AR

The magic mirror in the tale of the young apples is a symbol of pride, which requires people to smile at the proud.  The proud crave power over mirrors and demand to be reflected the way they want to be reflected.

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10.18911.     AR AR

When you are questioned, deny it, even if you are told that you know everything.  Answer me, you know, and I have problems with my memory.

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10.19032.     AR AR

Narcissistic personality, understated  self-esteem of close people, increases their self-esteem.  Against the background of contempt for others, she seems very good to herself.  In fact, we are witnessing an act of lust for power, and power is a great pleasure.  After receiving a dose of pleasure, the addict falls into a phase of recession, where he tries to be good, atoning for his guilt.

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10.19127.     AR AR

Do not blame yourself for other people's vices, everyone is the master of their own desires.  All human suffering is the product of his own desires.

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10.19721.     AR AR

The predator is not what they think, the real predator is very smiling.

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10.20372.     AR AR

Most of all, manipulators like to instill a sense of guilt in their victims.  Manipulators constantly talk about their pain and suffering, while simultaneously trying to destroy the self-esteem of their victims, and instill in them a complex of inferiority and guilt.

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10.20373. Clumsy manipulation.     AR AR

The parasite is crying:  "I'm so hurt and scared, you don't feed me.  You are very bad, if you do not let me drink your blood, I may die, and it will be on your conscience."

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10.20384. The proud – manipulators.     AR AR

Manipulators want to dominate.  By cunning and force, they seek power over their victims, wanting to maintain a protectorate over their sources of pleasure and self-esteem.

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10.20385.     AR AR

A manipulator is a person who is dependent on their self-esteem.  The feeling of power inflates this person's self-esteem.  Everything over which it dominates is included in itself.  Any loss of power generates a decrease  Ego and pain.  Manipulators are terribly sensitive and very afraid of pain.  The manipulator is ready to do anything to maintain power, and so maintain their self-esteem.

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10.21266.     AR AR

Manipulators like  first say a lot of nasty things, and then pretend to be kind and good.  In fact, this is the implementation of the principle "water is carried on the offended".  First we offend or frighten a person by instilling a negative... and then we show our good half.  Thus, the person running away from the bad, tries to subconsciously behave so that the manipulator was good and kind.

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10.21267. A vile liar.     AR AR

The manipulator insults and provokes people by demanding their love.  Love me-requires a manipulator, obey me, do what I tell you, and I will not hit you very hard…  I will be kind to you if you love me.  The problem is that the proud always lack love.  A bottomless hunger for power, pleasure, and love overwhelms the souls of these people.

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10.21268.     AR AR

The essence of the manipulator's activity is to make you think about it, spend your time on it, be afraid of it, talk or correspond.  This man wants power over your time.  He says he needs love and wants love, but love is time, and this man is a thief.

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10.21293.     AR AR

Who knew life, he is to provocation has ceased to respond and comprehend Zen.

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10.21303.     AR AR

The meaning of the proverb "the offended carry water»  the fact that first you are offended, and then you are afraid that you will be offended again, you serve your abuser, doing everything so that he does not hurt you anymore.

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10.21732.     AR AR

They like to give you one piece of candy first, and then demand a kilo from you.

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