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6.73.     AR AR

The one who hurt you, wanted power over you, the one you resented, possessed you.

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6.79.     AR AR

Being offended by criticism, you weaken and, exhausting force, you get dependent on these people.  Willing to do anything to deserve their good treatment, you're doomed to think of them.  And if they praise you, you will carry water for them.  If the script gets complicated, the bad will hurt you, and you will serve the good.

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7.10. Two of the egoist.     AR AR

An egoist is a person who doesn't want you to like him.  We like to take offense at those who do not want us to like, this offense is also called selfishness.

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966.     AR AR

Is  there  anything  more  noble  and  difficult  than  taking  a  grip  on  oneself  and  repentance? 

You  say  that  you're  not  guilty?  -  Maybe...  However,  all  of  us  are  more  or  less  guilty  of  something.  It's  not  difficult  to  find  reasons  for  repentance.  What's  difficult  is  swallowing  pride  and  getting  over  fears  and  stupidity. 

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1547.   AR AR

A  person  gets  very  nervous  and  upset  when  they  don’t  trust  him.  Mistrust  can  be  compared  to  an  offence,  to  an  insult  .

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1978. Let's get over insults.     AR AR

Remember  that  everything  has  its  time  period.  Insults  resemble  debts.  And  if  debts  have  been  long  stale,  it's  necessary  to  forget  and  forgive  them. 

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3180.   AR AR

Untold  resentments  grow  and  turn  into  paranoia.

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3.624.     AR AR

A man who has no humility is doomed to falsehood and suffering.  For the best of reasons, afraid to hurt him, everything will always lie to him, and he will suffer and be angry.

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7.6164.     AR AR

Negotiations from the point of view of past grievances and claims are hopeless. A Treaty is about the future, not the past.

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7.6169.     AR AR

Resentment is pride, won't you forgive them if they kneel before you and beg for forgiveness?

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7.6353. Resentful extortionist.     AR AR

Resentment is a cunning mechanism of manipulation, they like to take offense to get compensation.

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7.1537. Resentment is what keeps you away from bad people.     AR AR

Try not to hurt people. Pain breeds resentment, and resentment is the wall that separates the good from the bad.

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