10.9.     AR AR

In essence forests and trees there is and the third the essence of – grove.  A grove is a self-organization of groups of trees to defend their private interests within the common interests of the forest.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.10.     AR AR

In the system of trees and forests there are many other players, such as groves, glades, mushrooms, bushes, animals and birds…

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.21.     AR AR

Quantity is more important than quality, because the tree needs to become a grove.  Inside the grove, then the quality itself will succeed.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


7.353.     AR AR

To combine the incongruous is when the forest and the trees at the same time.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


7.467. Forest is trees.     AR AR

No nothing major, but if all nonprincipal connect, there will be integrity, which is the most important thing.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


3.2893.     AR AR

There is no domination of the General over the particular, or of the particular over the General.  There is a win-win symbiosis.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


3.3074.     AR AR

True knowledge makes a person whole, but wholeness consists of unity and awareness of thousands of details, and truth is a forest, the trees in which it is a lie.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


3.3317. Matryoshka.     AR AR

Formally, there is not much difference between forest and trees.  The tree is also a forest, only a level lower.  A tree is a small forest God, which has its own trees, mushrooms and inhabitants...

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


5.5234.     AR AR

The forest is nothing, the forest is the space between the trees.
Man and men are like trees in the forest. People there is no, but they there is.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


6.2666.     AR AR

Everyone knows that the forest consists of trees, but not everyone understands that many trees are different, that there are still other plants and animals. To understand the forest, you need to be very attentive to the details, you need to study each tree and what surrounds it.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.5978.     AR AR

The forest is the trees, the unity of the point and the universe.  Different combinations of points give rise to different forms of the real world.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


4.416.     AR AR

The forest is trees, but the trees are mortal and the forest is eternal.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.5062.     AR AR

Do good and throw it in the water-it's about trees.  They throw their fruits on the ground and they spread their seeds around the world.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.5948. The Trinity is the point form and the universe.     AR AR

The forest is a democracy of dots.  All points are equal, and the forest is unity.  However, in the system of these two there is also the concept of form, that is, certain associations of points on formal grounds, that is, groves.  Our material world is only millions of different forms, which together are the forest.  The form is a virtual Union of points.  Form is illusion, all forms of the material world are illusory.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


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