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10.3122.     AR AR

Through the looking glass is the ocean, in the ocean live fish.  You're a fish.

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10.6213. There is no smoke without fire.     AR AR

An illusion is a reflection of reality, and a lie is a reflection of truth.

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10.6210.     AR AR

I would not separate reality from its reflection in the mirror.  It is not necessary to separate truth from falsehood for the same reasons.

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10.1899.     AR AR

The moon is different, it is deceitful, like a reflection in a puddle, and sometimes present, the one in the sky.

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10.1714.     AR AR

Mind sees not only the reflection of the real objective world, but the inner subjective world is also a reflection.  His mind was stuck in the darkness between two mirror illusions.

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10.1713.     AR AR

Illusion is the product of the mirror.  Dividing the world into absolute and relative, the mind generates two mirrors facing each other and becomes their prisoner.

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10.1709. Between good and evil.     AR AR

The razor blade on which a person lives is the boundary of the objective and subjective world.  When he began to judge, he became an idealist and divided the world into two, and he himself was stuck in nothingness between them.  Stuck between two mirrors gradually fading ray of light...  gene trapped in the bottle, the energy trapped in the battery.

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10.1409.     AR AR

What is the mechanics of insight? 
"Don't look at the sun and its reflections.  Idols blind eyes, the true light is within you, you should not go into the light and into the darkness.

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10.4659. Upside down world.     AR AR

The phantoms of the world of illusions is a reflection of the real world.  Usually phantoms are quite different from their real prototypes.  And small seems big, terrible-good, strong-weak, etc.

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10.3992.     AR AR

Fear is a reflection of the past in the mirror of the future.  Fear is an illusion because you are looking at something that is no longer there.

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7.3402.     AR AR

Mirrors are different. Some mirrors reflect only what they want.

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7.2166.     AR AR

An  ugly  face  seems  deceitfully  beautiful  in  a  false  mirror.

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7.711.     AR AR

It is very useful to observe yourself from the side. People are like mirrors, carefully peering into their faces, you can see all their flaws and shortcomings.

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6.741.     AR AR

You have to understand that everything that comes to you is coming back like the reflection of a mirror. And if you got something, then you did something ...or didn't.

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5.326.     AR AR

The curve appears smooth to the curve, and the smooth, on the contrary, is seen as a curve. Remember, sinner, you live through the looking glass, the other way around.

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5.232. The firmament of heaven is under the earth.     AR AR

The firmament is when you grow not up, but down, not in the future but to the past, not forward, but back. The source of your movement is restraint, and intemperance is your brake. What you're running for is moving away from you. What you're running from is haunting you. The inhabitants of the dungeon you live in Wonderland, all of them Vice versa.

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4.796. Mirror of reason.     AR AR

Free will lies in the fact that you can decide what and how to reflect you, you can even not reflect anything at all and not be reflected.

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4.602.     AR AR

The world is a mirror, when a man is love, the world reflects love, when a man live with only fears – the world reflects only the fears. There is nothing else in this world but your reflections.

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