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7.943.     AR AR

Fears and paranoia are not as harmless as they may seem... Most of your "do not want", "will not", "do not like", "laziness and apathy" is the result of fear.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


7.876.     AR AR

Movements  should  be  meaningful  and  useful,  and  you  will  feel  lazy  until  you  become  aware  of  them.  Laziness  is  a  weapon  against  meaningless  actions.

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7.877.     AR AR

Being  conscious  of  the  meaning  and  usefulness  of  your  own  efforts  allows  you  to  overcome  laziness  and  apathy.  Meaninglessness  is  the  source  of  laziness.  Only  what  is  useful  is  interesting.

Tercüme et: lushchenko Marina


7.882. Make up victories.     AR AR

Laziness  and  apathy  are  result  of  lack  of  confidence.  You  need  to  bring  confidence  back  to  win  over  laziness,  you  need  a  little  series  of  tremendous  victories  for  it.  Win  and  rejoice,  it  will  invigorate  you.

Tercüme et: Варвара Учеваткина


10.4998.     AR AR

Procrastination is an addiction to pleasure.  In fact, it is drug addiction, withdrawal and an overdose of pleasures in one person.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.5005.     AR AR

Procrastination is a sign that a person has no important things to do, he fell into the sin of despondency and loves nothing.  Basically, it's just depression.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


5.6.     AR AR

Judge not, lest ye be judged, this will save you from laziness, apathy, and depression.  When an idealist judges reality, it always fails to live up to his ideal, fails to live up to his expectations and shatters his illusions.  A mismatch between expectations of reality cause cognitive dissonance and 1000 of his sins and vices.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.5081. Anti-procrastination pill.     AR AR

You need a ritual that precedes everything.  This is necessary for the formation of the script and facilitate the entry into the process.

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6.2.     AR AR

A mother teaches a child to love...  fulfilling his every desire, is making a big mistake.  She teaches him that love is the fulfillment of desires, and, therefore, the one who dared not fulfill at least one of his desires, does not love him and, therefore, there is evil and the enemy that causes fear, anger and hatred...  Fleeing from enemies, the enemies hate the near enemy wither and fade, sinking into apathy and laziness.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.5653. Procrastination is a feeling of futility.     AR AR

The feeling of happiness is based on the feeling of usefulness.  The meaning of life is to maintain its usefulness.  If you lose your sense of usefulness, you will fall into depression, apathy and laziness.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


398.     AR AR

Fish  attacked  in  a  shoal, 
and  the  biggest  one  even  jumped  out  of  water  - 
that's  how  it  wanted  to  eat… 
I  was  like  a  god,  standing  keeping  feed  above  the  water  and  made  them  jump. 
The  biggest  fish  jumped  well  and  high, 
knocking  the  feed  out  of  hands… 

That's  why  it  was  the  biggest, 
and  lazy  small  fry  remained  hungry… 

Tercüme et: Muhortova Natalie


5.38. Sleepy spirit.     AR AR

When the mind has no goals, it falls asleep and plunges into laziness, apathy and despondency.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.6018.     AR AR

Procrastination prevents the movement from beginning and ending.  But in the middle, God helps the Walker.  In the flow of movement is easy and fast.

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5.64.     AR AR

Despondency and passion are one and the same.  The only difference between them is which side of the barricades watching.  In fact, despondency is greed.  In the absence of faith man is not ready to achieve beauty and so turns into darkness. 

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.6271.     AR AR

Passive pleasures are also passivity, which means that they are suspicious, lazy, fearful, depressed, and procrastinating.  Passive pleasures include television, the Internet, games, solace, sleep, and illusions.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


4.201.     AR AR

The other side of pleasure is sadness. Pleasure inevitably turns into sadness and depression. People who choose the meaning of their life pleasure, inevitably end up sad and depressed depression.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


6.20.     AR AR

Parents   should   not   quarrel   and   get   angry   in   the   presence   of   their   children.   Parental   aggression   immerses   children   in   fear   and   makes   them   wicked,   lazy   and   stupid…   and   they   easily   fall   victim   to   vices.

Tercüme et: lushchenko Marina


6.70. Perfect.     AR AR

Having reached the end of the path, the person first falls into joyful anger.  Then runs from the happy pain.  Then the pain is mixed with apathy and depression, because he understands that you can not escape from yourself, but the main revelation of his way is that the perfect does not exist.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


7.56.     AR AR

Laziness  is  a  sin  because  laziness  is  the  procreation  of  dejection,  i.e.  the  lack  of  love  in  the  organism.

Tercüme et: lushchenko Marina


7.74. A rotten man.     AR AR

A  dejected  man  is  a  flawed  man.  The  following  are  the  manifestations  of  dejection:  laziness,  vileness,  nihilism,  somnolence,  apathy  and  so  on.

Tercüme et: lushchenko Marina


1051.   AR AR

If the slaves are well fed, they will become lazy and work poorly.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


1056. Laziness saves a fool.   AR AR

Laziness  is  a  trait  inherent  in  extremes.  Laziness  saves  the  world  from  a  fool.  Laziness  saves  a  fool  of  himself.  There's  nothing  scarier  than  an  energetic  fool.  There's  nothing  worse  than  a  spirited  wiseacre.  By  creating  the  monster,  nature  has  taken  care  to  ensure  that  this  creature  troubles  wouldn`t  cause  too  much  trouble.

Tercüme et: lushchenko Marina


8.401. The main feat.     AR AR

Conquering  laziness  is  probably  a  real  feat. 

Tercüme et: Muhortova Natalie


8.952. An iron motivator.     AR AR

There  should  be  such  a  tool  for  self-motivation  that  it  would  hit  you  and  make  you  do  what  is  necessary,  overcoming  laziness  and  unwillingness.  Besides,  it  should  hit  hard  and  until  something  gets  done.  It's  impossible  to  switch  it  off. 

Tercüme et: Muhortova Natalie


8.966.     AR AR

Forlornness  and  fear  can  be  nicely  cured  by  work. 

Tercüme et: Muhortova Natalie


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