31.     AR AR

I'm  extremely  lazy.  In  order  to  survive  I  have  to  cultivate  quick  wits  in  myself.  And  those  few  hours  during  which  I'm  capable  of  working  well,  should  be  used  as  effectively  as  possible. 

Tercüme et: Muhortova Natalie


10.7120. I can't deny myself the pleasure.     AR AR

I make stupid mistakes on purpose in order to become smarter and stronger.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


42.     AR AR

The  crowd`s  foolishness  consists  of  the  wisdom  and  irony  of 
every  single  person  filling  it... 
That  is,  wisdom,  gathered  in  the  crowd,  becomes 
foolishness,  and  foolishness,  fallen  to  pieces, 
becomes  the  ironic,  all  knowing  wisdom...

Tercüme et: lushchenko Marina


3.61.     AR AR

Wisdom is needed to slow down, thus saving yourself from stupid enthusiasm.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


4.73.     AR AR

Wisdom brings joy to man.  Knowing that he is doing the right thing, he rejoices and has no fear.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.7141.     AR AR

To break the rules, you need to know them, otherwise, it will be a blind walk through a minefield.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.6938.     AR AR

I recommend paying attention to banal truths.  Intelligence is the ability to understand the deepest meaning of obvious things.  Dichotomous idealistic thinking, enslaved by forms, is unable to understand or see the obvious; it clings to form.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.6908.     AR AR

Love is wisdom...  the ability of the mind to focus attention, see beauty, and extract energy and information from it.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.6759. Turn on stupidity.     AR AR

When you're not smart enough, use stupidity.  Stupidity is a mode of humbling the mind when it doesn't know what to do.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.6529.     AR AR

A smart person is a person who has grown to the point where he can admit that he doesn't know something.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.6004.     AR AR

Wisdom, having conquered pride, finds love and begins to learn from everyone.  Wisdom is learning from five girls and an older man, the book and the ant, the dog and maggots.  Wisdom loves everything.  And everything that exists, he believes it is useful in a given situation.  But wisdom does not take everything.  Wisdom separates the soup from the flies.  If wisdom need flies, she takes of the flies.  If wisdom needs soup, she takes soup.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.5211.     AR AR

Ignorance sees danger in everything that it does not understand or misunderstands, and it does not understand very much.  Ignorant people are full of fear and anger.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


8.93.     AR AR

Abstract  wisdom  can  hardly  be  used  for  concrete  reality. 

Tercüme et: Muhortova Natalie

Sanat tarafından Amateur (Datsenko)



322.     AR AR

I  was  born  naturally  wise  as  even  then  I  already  knew 
that  I  didn't  know  a  thing. 
I  didn't  even  study  not  to  eradicate  wisdom  in  myself... 

Tercüme et: Muhortova Natalie


10.5202.     AR AR

They tell you, " Well, that's great.  It's free.  It's awesome!  You will earn money and get a lot of fun..."And that replies them is a clever man?  "No, thank you.  I'm good, and the best is the enemy of good".

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.5212.     AR AR

Stress resistance is courage and wisdom.  Weak stress resistance is ignorance and cowardice.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.5201.     AR AR

Vices and sins do not need to be afraid, you just need to know that it is a poison and a source of problems.  "Why should I trouble?"- thinks a clever man.  And all sorts of silly sentences says, "no, Thank you".

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.5261.     AR AR

Most people wither with age, but there are those who flourish.  These are the ones who get smarter with age.  When a man becomes clever, he gets rid of fear, pride and ignorance, the sources of all human misery.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.5287.     AR AR

Animals are afraid of uncertainty.  Don't be afraid, you're not an animal.  Reasonable people always hope for the best.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.5313.     AR AR

The less you know the better you sleep, because fear, extended in time, it is stupidity and insomnia.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.6928.     AR AR

Blessed are the poor in spirit, because they do not consider themselves the smartest and are ready always, everywhere and from everyone to learn, adopting their best and unique.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.6997.     AR AR

Silence is not a sign of the mind.  When a person has nothing to say, they start pretending to be smart.

Tercüme et: NeuronNet


10.7062. Soloinc is captain Obvious.     AR AR

Captain   Evidence   is   a   symbol   of   wisdom.   Captain   Obvious   knows   the   innermost   secrets   of   life   is   invisible,   hidden   in   the   obvious   things   in   plain   sight.

Tercüme et: SD


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