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4.108. Paradigm shift.     AR AR

The paradigm changes everything. You can change things, you can change the world, changing only the paradigm of your point of view.

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5.4434. Natural quantum logic.     AR AR

Natural categories are not pure colors, but their shades and ranges. The definition of a natural category depends on its frame, and the frame is a variable dependent on the purpose and intelligence of the observer. The observer himself creates a frame, defines a category that has properties and methods. The purpose of creating a category is to access its methods so that by changing its property, you can get a particular result. Moreover, the definition of a category enables us to judge truth and falsehood within that category.

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5.4427.     AR AR

The situation is determined by its boundaries, that is, framing. Inside the situation are its properties and circumstances. If something does not suit you in a situation, you can always redefine its changeable boundaries and forms.

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5.4423.     AR AR

Circumstances are not a constant, but a frame-dependent entity. In the same place and time, a change in the frame changes circumstances, thus changing the truth. Truth is a function of circumstances.

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5.4432. Hope.     AR AR

The main question of ethics is the choice of their goals. Choosing a goal, you create a frame for it and redefine the circumstances. Of course, much more envy of the intellect, but the goal can redefine the mind.

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4.382.     AR AR

The point is that under the same words can hide a completely different meaning. The meaning of words does not depend on the form of words, but on their paradigm, that is, for what purpose they are spoken and for what purpose they are listened to.

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4.2938. Theory is a paradigm.     AR AR

If you look at reality through the eyes of a theory, the paradigm of this theory will distort reality accordingly.

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5.2869.     AR AR

One word can have many concepts depending on their paradigm.

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5.2870.     AR AR

Words are very different from concepts, words are a constant, and a concept is a variable dependent on the paradigms of its main goals.

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5.3502.     AR AR

Neurotics are very categorical in their judgments.

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5.4395. Real world categories.     AR AR

Formal categories are absolute. Natural, that is, real categories are blurred, that is, clearly indeterminate and non-absolute. Humility with reality means recognizing the absence of the absolute.

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5.4396.     AR AR

Natural categories can be overridden.

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5.4417.     AR AR

Humility is an opportunity. Humble is the one who understands that the possibility of a natural category. Anything is possible, because existence is not static, it moves, the movement identifies opportunities. The constant is death, but as long as we live, anything is possible.

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5.4422.     AR AR

True framing this analysis in the framework of the goals.

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5.4445.     AR AR

A judgment is a representation based on a category defined by a frame.

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5.4471.     AR AR

Attachment   to   objects   creates   boundaries.   The   tangency   of   categories   defines   their   boundaries   and   triggers   a   conflict   of   interests.   Disregard   of   alien   objects   redefines   the   category,   engendering   the   ocean.   The   ocean   is   indifferent   to   whales   and   fish.

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5.5036. Initializing code.     AR AR

Paradigm is not just a map of the area, it is glasses that change reality, according to the given settings.

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5.5037.     AR AR

Paradigm is a person, a person sees the world as he is, the man sees only his own world.

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