10.20646. Corrupting people is harmful.     AR AR

An overdose of pleasure and strong emotions generates attention disorders, inattention

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10.20482.     AR AR

Attention deficit disorder should be treated with dietary restriction (fasting and avoiding strong tastes, sweet and spicy).  It is necessary to rest and normalize sleep.  Fresh air, walking, and exercise are useful.  In the future, you should avoid thrills and maintain a balance of carrot and stick in the child's body.

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10.14352. The Golden balance.     AR AR

The predominance of the stick or carrot generates overkill and a decrease in sensitivity, giving rise to symptoms of depression.  In fact, we are talking about a decrease in the ability to arbitrary attention, the development of attention deficit disorder, depression, narcissistic personality disorder (pride), dependent personality disorder, and so on.  To avoid these consequences, you need to combine the stick and carrot in the proportion of the Golden section.

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10.14325.     AR AR

Attention deficit disorder is a symptom of depression caused by decreased sensitivity due to an overdose of emotions.  With reduced sensitivity, a person can not arbitrarily control their attention.  The attention of such a person is involuntarily attracted to strong sources of emotions.  Such people, on the one hand, do not study well, on the other, are amorous and fixated.

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9.8000. The fugitive.     AR AR

Denial of reality and escape from reality generate in children inattention, laziness and problems in school. Denial of reality usually comes from fear, weakness of spirit, inability to communicate with peers. Accordingly, if return of the child to reality, he'll be able to learn.

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9.7714. A small hero.     AR AR

By  developing  a  child’s  strength  of  spirit  and  of  will,  you  can  teach  him  to  overcome  his  fears  and  to  have  faith  in  himself.  The  strength  of  will  allows  people  to  control  their  emotions,  overcome  laziness  and  destroy  their  pernicious  addictions.

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9.7706. For a child to learn well, he must believe in himself.     AR AR

An important reason for poor learning is fear. The child thinks that he will not succeed, does not believe that he can and therefore is afraid. Lack of self-belief breeds laziness.

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6.3265. You can not overfeed a child with sweets.     AR AR

Harmful influence on the development of neuroticism in the child too much sugar consumption (sweet). Candy and sugary drinks destabilize the nervous system and generate emotional instability and depression that the child's weak mind is unable to control.

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3.3288. Chronic drug addict.     AR AR

Attention deficit disorder is a consequence of an over-loved child, a drug addict who has fallen into chronic withdrawal.  Such a man loves nothing but his pleasure.  In the absence of love, the soul is filled with fear, laziness, aggressiveness.

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3.1346.     AR AR

Attention deficit disorder is when a child is over-loved and there is no love in him now.  Such children are extremely unhappy.  They're either brainless or suffering.  The mind in the absence of love either dies or rots alive.

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