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What does "beats – means loves"mean?  Beats this whip…  The whip is an order.  Leads to order-means to love.  Order is a source of energy and strength.  Energy and strength are joyful.

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10.21319.     AR AR

When you run too fast, you run out of breath.  When the good being slows you down, it aims to stabilize your energy supply and order in the system.

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I have confidence in being, even if they beat me, and I look for the benefit of it.

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10.18281. How the steel was tempered.     AR AR

A man of courage is all the better because the more he is beaten, the stronger he becomes.  Cowards from fear weaken and run away, but true love, as soon as it meets an obstacle, becomes savage.  True love is like a river.  Block the river with a dam and you will instantly increase the power of the water a thousand times.

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10.18278. Beats, means, likes.     AR AR

The point is that if you can't love and make friends, then you need to escalate the conflict.  He who does not desire unity in love is the enemy.  The enemy must be loved.  The stronger the enemy, the better it is.  As we learn about the enemy, we adopt their best DNA and evolve.  To sum up:  if love does not stick, provoke scandals.  Scandals is a good thing.  For the wave nature of neurotic relationships, scandals are very life-giving.  Movement is life.

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10.19361.     AR AR

If you want to win love, attack it.  "Beats-means, likes»  it goes well with the thesis "love your enemy".  You hit him, and he loves you.  Nice huh?  But it works!

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10.19963.     AR AR

"Beats-means loves»  this is a direct disclosure of the thesis about the knowledge of truth through the denial of lies.  It is necessary to understand why the lover hits and what is good about it.

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10.20450.     AR AR

Resentment is not forgiven.  It is said, love your enemy.  Beats-means loves.

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10.20846.     AR AR

Beats-means loves this is about love poisoned by pride, and this poison is present on both sides.  Pride is fear, and fear encourages people to attack, bark, whine, and crave power.

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10.21318. Crying? Be happy!     AR AR

Nothing wrong with being destroyed or slowed down, no... just erased the black with an eraser and released a little light.  Light is joyous, light is pure energy and free space for creation.  There is nothing to fear, love always revives.

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10.21392.     AR AR

Pleasure can be received in different ways, joyfully even when you are beaten.  When you are beaten, you are hardened like steel, and you are glad that you are getting stronger.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


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