10.18269.     AR AR

Life reminds me of a blank white sheet on which you can think of anything you want.

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10.19202.     AR AR

A blank white sheet can include infinitely many different forms.  A blank black sheet can exclude infinitely many different forms.

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10.19574.     AR AR

Life is really a dream.  Sleep is a game, and all our goals, worries, joys, and anxieties are only ephemeral illusions.  On the other hand, what do you think reality is like?  What will happen to you when you Wake up?  Reality is a blank slate, and you are a killer who needs to kill time.  Your dreams should be cherished and valued.  Your dreams and illusions are the only things you have.

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10.19599. A blank white sheet.     AR AR

Initially, the world is a perfect blank white sheet.  Perfection has reached a critical mass, and the process of decay and division has begun, that is, the generation of new forms.  The black leaf is something that does not exist, in the sense that the process of falling into eternity is infinite.  The limit of forms that a blank white sheet can contain tends to infinity.

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10.19602.     AR AR

You're dead.  And now you're sitting in the middle of a blank white sheet, what are you going to do?  You need love for life, life is a game.  You must love the game.  You need to kill an infinite amount of time, do not rush, hurry anywhere, there is no one to be afraid of.  The game requires a sense of taste.  Come up with beautiful goals and implement them with passion.

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10.19603.     AR AR

You live in the middle of a blank white sheet, in fact, it is an ocean of energy and time.  You have nothing to fear, nothing to look for, all that is required of you is a taste for life.  It's boring to do nothing.  You have an infinite amount of energy and time.  You need to come up with your life, come up with a game, come up with goals, obstacles, friends and enemies... and then play with passion and achieve goals.

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10.19605. Absolute killer.     AR AR

The point is that you are dead, and now you are sitting in the middle of a white sheet, thinking about how you can kill an infinite amount of time.  To kill an infinite amount of time, you will need a great sense of taste.  There is no hurry, on the contrary, you need to restrain yourself so that there is no overkill.

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10.19692. Suicide.     AR AR

Man is an absolute killer, whose purpose in life is to kill  God.  God is the absolute, this is time, this is a blank white sheet.  Meeting  God, man kills him, but everything is God.  God kills himself with his own hands.  The absolute, infinitely divided, kills itself, but the more it kills itself, the more it becomes.

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10.19897. The whip and the carrot.     AR AR

A squirrel in a wheel is a football player who runs around the field.  Life is movement.  Stopping death is similar.  But just running is boring, so the players come up with a goal, as if you need to score a goal.  Who will score more goals, that and well done.  A Gol is a nut that a squirrel runs after.  The whip is the fear of not catching up with the nut and not scoring a goal.

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10.20854.     AR AR

Man is a pure entity, very much dependent on his being.  In fact, it is a blank white sheet on which you can draw anything and anything can be erased.  Beliefs define hope, hope is faith, and faith is love.

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10.21168.     AR AR

The goal of the ephemeral.  The goal is something necessary in order to run more fun.  The question of achieving goals is not a question of fear or greed, but of excitement.  Goals help us pass the infinity of life.  What else can an ant do in the middle of an endless white sheet?

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10.21233. Eraser.     AR AR


Let there be light!  The creation of light was an act of destruction of darkness, the further process of disintegration of light is an act of creation of darkness.  Perfection is darkness.  That is, in fact, the creation of the world began with taking an eraser and erasing a part of nothingness to make room for a new creation.


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10.21405.     AR AR

It is very good to be energized and calm down by meditating on monotonous colors.  Focus your gaze on a blank white sheet, black, green, or blue.  Experimentally find out the color that suits you right now.

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10.21888.     AR AR

First, perfection is a blank slate.  Secondly, perfection is the identity of the reality of the idea of which it is a reflection.

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