10.11614.     AR AR

Being is the illusion of non-Being.  God is nothingness and nothingness, which created the beauty of being by its illusion.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.12301.     AR AR

Reality is the chaos of non-existence, from which everyone extracts the very being that he is looking for.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.18667. Graphene the universe.     AR AR

We live in a universe of lies that came out of nothing.  Nothingness gave rise to existence, the lies created the truth.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.18863.     AR AR

10 this is a symbol of the unity of reality and illusion, truth and lies.  The potential power of illusions is enormous.  Just imagine the power of 100000000000000000000000000000000000

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.18945.     AR AR

Non-existence is something without form.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.18963.     AR AR

Non-existence is that which is unchangeable, being is that which changes.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.19741.     AR AR

The meaning of understanding being is to understand the characteristics of the struggle between hard and soft, as well as the laws of hydraulics.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.21233. Eraser.     AR AR


Let there be light!  The creation of light was an act of destruction of darkness, the further process of disintegration of light is an act of creation of darkness.  Perfection is darkness.  That is, in fact, the creation of the world began with taking an eraser and erasing a part of nothingness to make room for a new creation.


Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.21487.     AR AR

Everything is true, but the real world is a lie.  By limiting the truth, you create a lie.  Truth is that which is infinite.  Truth is non-existence.  The lie is the Genesis.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.21779.     AR AR

Being is limited and non-being is unlimited, it is a great honor to become a reality.  All forms of reality are equal to each other.

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10.21783.     AR AR

Man is an ordinary idea that has made its way from non-existence to being, and now its task is to drag here as many of its relatives as possible.  If a person sabotages this process, his relatives will eat his brain and torment him with fears.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.21811.     AR AR

It is impossible to know the truth, for the truth is infinite non-existence.  But it is possible to know a lie, a lie is limited to the real world and therefore quite knowable.  Another question is that lies are constantly growing, filled with information from the infinite non-existence of truth.

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10.22214.     AR AR

Non-existence is the future and the past.  Being is real.  The future and the past are one.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.22318.     AR AR

Time is the energy of non-existence that seeks its place in the real world.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.22321. Builder.     AR AR

Man is the vehicle between being (reality and love)  and non-existence (hope, ideas, ideals, dreams).  Man is a symbol of faith, a semiconductor of energy.  Its task is to selectively pass energy and ideas from non-existence to being in order to build the real world.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.22325. Black square.     AR AR

You dream of becoming an ideal, but the ideal dreams of becoming you. The ideal is infinitely happy that you love it and allow it to somehow be present in reality through yourself. On the other hand, since the ideal is unattainable, the situation of identity with the ideal is impossible. The ideal in the real world is expressed in an infinite growth that fills the entire world without a trace. The ideal must be restrained, otherwise it will paint everything in a black square.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.22332.     AR AR

The idea of combining the ideal and the real in order to gain access to energy and find the joy of life and growth.  Man is a guide, a symbol of faith, the meaning of which is to connect love and hope.  Through a person, there is an exchange of energy between being and non-being.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.22357.     AR AR

Viruses are representatives of nothingness.  Inanimate, which encourages the living to evolve.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


3.130. You cannot even imagine how huge NOTHINGNESS is.     AR AR

Resignation,   which   is   necessary   for   growth,   is   the   resignation   of   Being   and   Non-Being.   If   One   makes   Nothingness   its   ally,   10,   100,   1000,   1000000000   will   born   out   of   it…

Tradu.: lushchenko Marina


3246. The balance.     AR AR

The   Universe   of   existence   and   nonexistence.

Tradu.: Sodmis


520.     AR AR

What  a  wonderful  symmetry  of  non-existence  and  existence… 

Tradu.: Muhortova Natalie


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