4.2113. Conviction meditation.     AR AR

If   you   like   some   conviction   and   you   want   to   make   it   part   of   your   personality,   close   your   eyes   and   repeat   it…   100   times,   1000   times…   for   a   week.   Then,   remind   yourself   of   it   once   a   week,   on   Saturdays.

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4.1810.     AR AR

They say that fairy tales that a child heard in childhood, unconsciously guide his life.

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4.1678.     AR AR

Cognitive distortion is a belief in the unreal and the impossible. Conviction means demanding the unreal and the impossible. Accordingly, cognitive distortions automatically generate unrealized expectations that degenerate into anxiety, fear, anger, hysteria, laziness, apathy, feelings of failure, and problematic behavior.

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4.1677.     AR AR

Beliefs that demand the impossible and unreal are lies. Humility is acceptance of reality, pride is absence of humility with reality, that it is impossible. The impossible is what is not. Possible is what could be. And then, and then it's a lie. Truth is reality, that which is. Humility with reality is acceptance of truth.

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4.1676.     AR AR

In the ABS system, the reaction to external influence passes through the contour Of the b-persuasion of the person. What is conviction? This knowledge, experience, education, faith, hope. Ignorance and false beliefs generate distortion in B. the Knowledge of the truth and the formation of an alternative belief system is the goal of cognitive psychotherapy.

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4.1580.     AR AR

Beliefs are reinforced by experience and influence behavior that prevents new experiences. A reasonable system could analyze the experience and understand that it was a consequence of weakness and by training to try again and get a new experience. New experiences would change beliefs. However, a little-intelligent system has little capacity for analysis and more confidence in its experience and the beliefs it forms.

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4.1568.     AR AR

Mental illness consists of false beliefs and actions of the patient that reinforce these beliefs. False beliefs, entrenched as life experiences, turn into a mental disorder of the person.

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3.2633. Red button.     AR AR

What is resentment?  Resentment is a habit and a stable pattern of behavior.  In the human mind there is a conviction that in the reference situation should be offended.

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10.16931.     AR AR

What makes an action valuable is its motives.  Motives formed by highly moral beliefs have a high value.  Motives whose source is fear, lies, and vices are of little value.  Moral motives are as precious as love itself.  Immoral motives are cheap.

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10.17054.     AR AR

Self-control and power over yourself is the ability to control your own thoughts.  Thoughts create desires.  You can't control your desires without controlling your thoughts.  However, the highest manifestation of reason is the ability to control your beliefs.

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10.17601.     AR AR

The question of interpreting sensations is that one sensation can simultaneously correspond to a bad and a good essence.  In other words, you can interpret it according to your own beliefs.

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10.18071.     AR AR

Stay with your belief and live as you have lived.  But if you want to change something, you need new beliefs.

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10.18398. People have different ideas.     AR AR

People are the same in the sense that a person is a tool.  It all depends on the ideas and beauty that he managed to see.  Ideas are different, but people are the same.  Someone was lucky, an idea found him, and someone was not lucky.  Some have love, while others have only vices and pain.

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10.18422. A made-up person.     AR AR

You are what you see and hear.  You see and hear what you think.  You think what fits your beliefs.  You are your beliefs.  Where did they come from?  You've seen or heard them before.

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10.18436. Find love.     AR AR

To overcome alcoholism, you need to form three beliefs.  Alcohol is a chain and punishment for someone who is not in love.  The world is good and worthy of love.  I am good and I have love in me.

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10.20176.     AR AR

If you are suffering and have a bad heart, then you have problems with philosophy.  Your beliefs do not correspond to reality, which creates fear and suffering.

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10.20978.     AR AR

Hell is not a place or a time, hell is a state of mind associated with lies, ignorance, and fear.  False beliefs associated with pride give rise to desires and fears that poison a person's life, turning it into hell.  And hell during life is still tolerable, but if you imagine that the soul is immortal, then infinitely stretched out in time, pride is not happy at all.

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10.21365. A vicious circle.     AR AR

The cause of all your suffering is not the world or even fools with roads, but your own beliefs.  Beliefs are the paradigm through which you see the world.  Genesis (via the feedback mechanism)  defines emotions and consciousness.

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10.21494.     AR AR

The world is very different.  People are different.  As many people as there are worlds.  It all depends on the paradigm of what beliefs to look at it through.

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10.21509.     AR AR

Ignorance is associated with the belief that fear and pain are bad.  This is a lie, everything is good in this world, and even a lie.

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10.21642.     AR AR

There is no heaven or hell…  There is a real world where some people imagine hell and others don't…  Until a person comes to terms with reality and leaves his stupid dreams of Paradise, he will live in hell and suffer, because ... everything is Paradise, and breaking the commandment "do not judge" is a direct ticket to the hell of his own illusions.

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10.21694.     AR AR

A new life begins with hope.  But what is life?  Life is what the mind sees…  Consciousness sees the world through the prism of its beliefs and dominant ideas.  So in order to change your life, you need to change your beliefs as well as your dominant beliefs.

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10.21695.     AR AR

Depression is a case when consciousness has changed reality to such an extent that even the patient's brain has changed.  They say that depression is a disease that needs to be treated with pills.  That's right... and it's a disease to the same extent as heart disease.  But this does not negate the cause of all these negative diseases, and this cause is called dominant false beliefs.  If you give a person a pill, you can calm them down or fill them with joy, but you can't stop them from judging, despising, and craving power and pleasure.

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10.21729.     AR AR

The fact that depression is a disease in which serotonin stops being captured does not negate the fact that it was all caused by an overdose of thrills and inadequate judgment.  The body has developed a defense against the inadequacy of consciousness.  Thus, depression is by itself a remedy for the failures in the software of the brain.

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10.21961.     AR AR

Ideas are the dominant beliefs that determine a person's consciousness and destiny.  Tell me the ideas you believe in, and I'll tell you who you are.

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