10.11358. Dwarf planet.     AR AR

A dichotomous, contrasting picture of the world is associated with inattention.  A person pays attention to very few details, as a result, his picture of the world is very fragmented, small and contrasting.  This person does not know all the things that he did not pay attention to, in the end, his world collapsed to a point and became extremely small.

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10.12347.     AR AR

Procrastination is absent-minded attention.  Shake your head, RUB your earlobe, gather your thoughts together, and everything will pass.

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10.12500. Rational principle.     AR AR

What is the basis of reason? 
- Willpower that can concentrate constantly dissipating attention.

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10.12717.     AR AR

Focus and concentration allows you to do everything quickly.  Distraction reduces the speed.  If you need to be quick, focus.

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10.15085.     AR AR

Mindfulness makes things beautiful, food delicious, and people interesting.  Inattention does the opposite.

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10.15476.     AR AR

Honestly means with love.  Without love, it means careless, inattentive, etc.

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10.15513.     AR AR

Careless means false.  The careless without love inattentively does his work, and it turns out to be unhelpful.  Truth is integrity, and what is devoid of integrity is a lie.

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10.16316.     AR AR

Praise is dangerous for vain fools; it makes them especially impudent, inattentive, and lazy.

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10.17960. Orange periostitis.     AR AR

Keep your feet and head warm.  If you don't listen, you'll get chronic headaches and bone pain.  Chronic headaches will prevent you from focusing and make you inattentive.

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10.17976.     AR AR

Proud people and cowards can hardly read, because chronic fear dilates the vessels leading to the eyes, as a result, the eyes hurt and there are problems with focusing attention.

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10.20350.     AR AR

Escaping from reality makes a person slow and inattentive.  The most striking example of escape from reality is a tree.

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10.20646. Corrupting people is harmful.     AR AR

An overdose of pleasure and strong emotions generates attention disorders, inattention

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10.20667.     AR AR

It is interesting that first an overdose of emotions generates escape from reality, inattention and distraction, and then this state generates depression.  The most important symptom of depression is obsession.  If you can fixate on work or learning as a source of joy, it will be very useful.

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10.21576.     AR AR

"Don't create an idol for yourself»  this thesis is not only about people, but about the search for salvation and the answer to the question "what to do?»  Remember, everything is salvation.  Everything is the truth.  Everything is beauty and energy.  And pride is a lie that denies that  God is everything.  Your disregard for the small and commonplace is pride and blindness.

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10.21583.     AR AR

You need to rest, but rest is not a good thing, but an unavoidable evil, the slightest overkill of which will destroy you.  You should rest to work.  Too much work is dangerous, because it creates exhaustion and inattention.  To maintain your performance, you need to rest a little.  Of course, if it were possible not to rest at all and avoid this deadly poison, then... but it is impossible.  A little rest is necessary, even if only in a dream.

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