10.9654.     AR AR

Potential is joyful.  Potential is growth, it is life, it is income.  There is potential in everything.  Once you turn your attention to something and warm it with your love, it will begin to grow.

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6.616.     AR AR

Learning is the accumulation of information for a specific purpose. As soon as you reach the truth in understanding the ways to realize your goal, forming the DNA of the grain of truth, then you are released energy, and you joyfully realize this goal. And you will begin to receive energy even at the stage of the beginning of the movement to perfection.

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10.20511.     AR AR

In fact, it doesn't matter who you admire or who you find love in.  Everything is perfect.  You can draw inspiration from seeing kings and heroes, or you can see ordinary people or children.  Moreover, the grain has much more potential energy than an adult tree.

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10.20779.     AR AR

To grow, you must first fall to the bottom, for they grow from darkness to light.

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10.20804. Grain.     AR AR

To separate the wheat from the chaff is to separate the truth from the lie…  This means to peel the grain from the husk, for a lie is what protects the truth, its upper layer.  The grains are separated from the tares when they are harvested.  Truth is what you eat.  However, if you need seed material, the grain must be whole, if you peel the potatoes and then plant them, they will rot.

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10.21697. Grain of use.     AR AR

Looking for benefits in the future is the same as trying to do for the future now.  We know that everything done in advance usually goes to waste.  There is nothing wrong with a benefit for the future, but there must be at least a small benefit in the present, and this benefit must be realized.  A small benefit of the present grows into a large benefit of the future.  If there is no use in the present, then there will be nothing to grow in the future.

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10.21765.     AR AR

The earlier the time, the more fruitful it is for growth.  The smaller things are, the more effectively they grow.

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10.21774. Keep going, keep going.     AR AR

Less is more, because illusions come to reality as grains or as a fine thread, from which you (a skilled and patient weaver)  must weave the fabric of reality.

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10.21807. The sower.     AR AR

The point is to go picking up grain by grain. The point is to throw these seeds into the ground. Time to collect stones and time to scatter stones.

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10.21908.     AR AR

The problem of the poor is greed, they are very afraid to do useless work, while the income grows from the small and inconspicuous.

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10.22029. A grain of truth.     AR AR

Truth is that which, when trampled into the mud, is able to rise, sprouting the germ of a new life.

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10.22175. In search of light.     AR AR

Push the one who falls, because the grain of truth, trampled into the mud and mixed with shit, begins to grow.

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10.22217.     AR AR

It is better to be smaller, because the smaller is the grain that grows well, and the larger one can easily die and grow poorly.

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