10.20875. The one father is Love.     AR AR

Son  God can be called a person who serves love.  Faith is the service of love.  A person is  Faith.  God is love.  All who are born of love are children  God.  From this point of view, the Holy spirit is hope, that is, beauty, that is, information that gives shape to the real world.

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10.21952. Strengthen me in the service of God.     AR AR

We should pray that God will strengthen our faith and give us the strength to resist the temptations that tempt us to go astray.  An act of faith is a movement along the true path to serve one's purpose.  Serving an idea, a dream, beauty, purpose, hope, God ... love.


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10.21954.     AR AR

Faith is an act of service  God.  Where faith is movement, growth, knowledge and creation.  Where God is love, hope, truth, dream, etc.


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10.21956. Seek God.     AR AR

What is suffering?  Lack of service.  You refuse to serve God, and you suffer for it.  God is love.  Service is joyous.

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10.21958.     AR AR

The meaning of free will is that a person can choose their own meaning of life among the many available ideas.  Everything is beauty; you can choose what you want to serve.

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10.22096.     AR AR

God is truth, and God is joy.  Therefore, the search for truth is joyous.  And God is power, faith, and love…  Accordingly, the process of searching for truth is an act of faith and the service of love.  Love is the most powerful force in our universe.

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10.22166.     AR AR

A poor man in spirit is a lover, for he serves his love, not his Ego.

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10.22197.     AR AR

What is love?  - Service.  True service is joyous, but this joy comes from within, not from without.  Pride is a false service that wants to receive joy from outside.  Pride demands payment for its service; it is not the service that pleases it, but the reward for it.

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10.22198.     AR AR

The grower pays everyone equally little, but you remember that the less, the more.  Moreover, you have forgotten about the joy.  To serve with love happy.

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10.22212.     AR AR

Lovers do not spare time and money to serve their love.  For the proud, it is the opposite, greed and impatience literally burns their soul with fire, causing unimaginable suffering.

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