10.3587. Perfection is death.     AR AR

God is perfection! 
"Am I to understand that you agree with Nietzsche that God is dead and the Church is the shell of a dead clam?"

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10.6243. Immortals.     AR AR

The syntalist is immortal because he was able to connect the unconnected.  Connect life and death, truth and lies.  Becoming sintelecom, you will die.  When you die, you will no longer be afraid of death.  If you stop being afraid of death and lose your fear, you will find humility and love for life.  I'm alive because I'm dead.  I love life because I am not afraid of death.  A person who overcomes the fear of death and attachment to life, finds freedom of spirit.

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10.6244. Beyond death.     AR AR

Consider yourself long dead, so you have nothing to lose or fear.  Understanding this fact will significantly improve the quality of your life.  Now you live by the Bonus.  You were given a chance.  The chance must be taken.  Try to use the extra time to your advantage.

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10.6267.     AR AR

To fear the future is to fear death.  When you overcome the fear of death, you will also overcome the fear of the future.

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10.8029. Armageddon.     AR AR

The world through the eyes of the dead looks much different than the living.  The dead man forgot about conventions, abandoned fears, and threw off the chains.  There is no fear of death in the dead, which means that there is a love of life.  The dead man loves life and loves death.  Entalist is someone who has already died, and therefore cannot die anymore.  In sinhalite no fear.  All the secrets of the world are known to the dead.  All the living inevitably become dead and give their power to the dead.  The dead are immortal and all-powerful.  The dead are the living.  The living, when they die, become dead, and the dead, when they die, become alive.

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10.8030.     AR AR

The dead do not live in the past, but in the future.  The dead are those who have yet to be born.  The dead, controlling the world of the present, build their own world of the future, a world that they will only come to when the phase of their death is over.  The living are afraid of death, but the dead love life, because only when they die does a person understand how beautiful, amazing, and perfect life is.

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10.8114.     AR AR

The dead are not afraid of anyone, because the dead saw everyone in the coffin.

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10.8648.     AR AR

The philosophy of the dead is strong and perfect.  The living can denounce the philosophy of the dead and argue with it as much as they like, but when they die, they will still become dead and share their worldview.

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10.10282.     AR AR

Diogenes lived in a funeral urn, as a sign that he was dead and therefore had nothing to fear.  Freed from the bondage of fear, Diogenes was able to find freedom and the joy of life.

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10.11934.     AR AR

God is dead, and therefore he is more alive than all the living.  Only the dead can be called alive, because they are not afraid to die, and therefore they are not afraid to live.

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10.13538.     AR AR


Lord of the flies is a metaphor for how the vices that a dead pig's head represents turn people into flies.


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10.18618. Necronomicon HD.     AR AR

The   book   Variothoughts   is   a   very   interesting   book,   reading   which   you   will   completely   destroy   your   entire   world.   All   your   glass   illusions   will   break,   and   ...   see   what   the   point   is,   if   you   don't   like   your   current   life,   a   life   of   lies   and   endless   anxiety,   you   can   destroy   it   and   build   a   new   real   life   filled   with   beauty   and   joy.   Necromicon   is   a   book   that   brings   the   dead   back   to   life.   If   you   feel   dead,   it   will   resurrect   you.   This   is   a   very   dangerous   book,   it   will   teach   you   the   science   of   love.   If   you   find   love,   you   will   have   to   give   everything   you   have   for   it,   your   whole   past   life   will   be   ruined.   Fear   will   turn   into   joy.   Lie-to   the   truth.   Illusions   -   in   reality...   but   everything   that   was   in   the   past   life,   will   disappear   forever.

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10.19605. Absolute killer.     AR AR

The point is that you are dead, and now you are sitting in the middle of a white sheet, thinking about how you can kill an infinite amount of time.  To kill an infinite amount of time, you will need a great sense of taste.  There is no hurry, on the contrary, you need to restrain yourself so that there is no overkill.

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10.19762.     AR AR

Armageddon and the resurrection of the dead is the awakening of people from the dream of illusions, fear and lies.  Hell is a dream, reality is heaven.

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10.21198.     AR AR

In heaven, everyone is happy to work, in hell there is no work, so everyone is painfully resting.

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10.21199.     AR AR


Do good.  To do good is to work for God and, therefore, you can get a job in Paradise.  People don't just go to heaven, but they are invited to work there.  There is no work in hell.  The unemployed are doomed to suffer.


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10.21938.     AR AR

True hope is the hope that is not afraid of being crucified on the cross.  If your faith is not afraid of death, then it is true.

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505.   AR AR

As from foot to foot,
when you stand at the top
the pyramid of the sun,
and ahead only the road dead
and the pyramid of the moon,
you think:
but if…
but you keep going.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


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