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Who is a proud man?  A self-devouring serpent.  The proud man kills himself with his own sins and vices.  It says my name is Legion.  All the proud are one, self-devouring.

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The proud who devour each other are the serpent who devours himself.

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If you don't twitch, you have nothing to fear.  The serpent of pride devours itself.  If you humble your pride, you have nothing to fear.  No one can hurt you in this world except you.

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The forked tongue of the serpent of the tempter is a symbol of lies that divided God into good and evil, truth and falsehood.  The serpent divides all to rule.  In fact, everything is good, everything is true.

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A snake devouring its tail is a symbol of what order is by devouring  chaos turns into chaos ... and chaos, devouring order, turns into order.  We devour what we love, we turn into what we love and devour.

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10.21164.     AR AR

Zero is a symbol of pride, a serpent devouring its tail.  A self-eating serpent is a narcissistic person who suffers from great internal contradictions.  A unit is a person who has found a dream and love outside of himself.  One can say that a unit is one who has set out in search of God, beauty, and truth.

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Darkness begets light.  One lie leads to the truth.  Weakness breeds strength.  The consequence tries to enslave and destroy its cause.  So the serpent devours its own tail.

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10.21887.     AR AR

It is painful for zero to live, for it is a serpent that is consumed by infinite self-eating.

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10.22038.     AR AR

The unity and struggle of opposites is a situation where a snake devours its own tail.

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10.22042.     AR AR

Zero is a serpent that eats its tail, a system that is fixated on self-eating and fighting with itself.  The essence of this struggle is power over what is there against the background of the lack of external goals and growth.  Any system in which there is no growth is doomed to self-eating.

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10.22086. A dichotomous nature.     AR AR

The forked tongue of the serpent symbolizes the duality of the demonic nature.  This infernal person thinks of himself as both an angel and a demon.  And, in our experience, she usually pretends to be an angel, and denies her demon.

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