10.20049. Internal and external enemies.     AR AR

In fact, love between a man and a woman is built on the endless struggle of chaos and order.  The unity of this sweet couple stems from their struggle and imposing their values on each other.  If one side wins, unity will end.  Fortunately, this is not the only option, you can still find an external enemy.

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10.20732.     AR AR

You see that a person is playing, play along with him.

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10.20950. The unfortunate idol.     AR AR

The metaphor of the Christmas tree is twofold.  On the one hand, the tree is a brilliant narcissistic idol, ... on the other hand, the tree lived in the forest, enjoyed life and did not touch anyone…  It was not by choice that the tree became an idol, and now it is forced to die slowly and painfully under the glitter and tinsel of new year.  Soon it will be thrown out and the holiday will be over.

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10.20974.     AR AR

Script " love me black»  allows a woman to understand whether her man has at least a little bit of real love, which is characterized by patience, courage, wisdom and calm.

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10.21011.     AR AR

A woman to love a man, you need to be proud and admire, as well as to see his personal growth.  That is, the man should be slightly taller than her.  If a woman herself will grow and develop, it will motivate a man to grow.  However, if a man is weak, cowardly, stupid, and doesn't want to grow up, he can use several toxic strategies to maintain his control.  Aggressively lower women's self-esteem with harsh criticism.  Appeal to her pity and guilt.  Beg for children and show them love.  In the same way, a man can turn into an Alphonse, a poet (an unnecessary Creator who creates for his own pleasure).

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10.21386.     AR AR

A woman who is afraid wants to find a man who can be filled with her fears and who can save her.  Men do not need to complain much to women, because women have enough of their own fears.  It is assumed that a man who falls in love with a woman will lose fear and become masculine.  At the same time, a woman, feeling the courage of a man, will fall in love with him.

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10.21595.     AR AR

If you love your wife, be kind enough to listen to her wishes and fulfill them.  Love is faith, and faith is movement.  Also, faith is trust, so you need to trust your wife's intuition.

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10.21917. Working scheme.     AR AR

In the tale of the goldfish, we see a working bundle of a greedy, proud woman and an honest, hard-working man who fulfills her dreams.

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10.22004.     AR AR

Women intuitively gather for a long time to make their men wait.  Love is patient.  False love is pride, very impatient and aggressive.  Pride must be subdued in order to turn it into love.

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10.22227.     AR AR

It is a big mistake to turn a loved one into your drug and source of pleasure.  First, do not create an idol for yourself, and secondly, the addict automatically tries to control his drug, which creates a chronic conflict, which is impossible to win.  From this point of view, finding love in an Idea and serving it is a much better option.  What can prevent you from serving your idea?

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10.22291.     AR AR

The dominant narcissistic man seeks to turn his dependent wife into himself.  However, if he succeeds in this, she will inevitably be disappointed in him.  The narcissistic man by default suffers from a complex of mismatch of himself to his ideal.

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10.22289.     AR AR

In a dominant-dependent relationship, the dependent side will intuitively sabotage everything related to work and growth, because the subconscious knows that the dominant and the dominant will not get along.

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