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Alcoholism is a disease of the proud.  The proud always feel that they are not enough  respect and love.  The life of a proud man is a constant insufficiency that causes them pain, from which they run into the bottle, hiding from the real world.

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What is the slavery of the will?  Dependence on vices and pleasure.  Tools like rituals, beliefs, habits, sublimation, true love, and so on will help you get rid of the chains of addiction.

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As for the proud, the scenario for the future is unambiguous.  Sooner or later, the gin will be locked in a bottle, and there are no other options.  In the real world, gin can't live long.

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Previously, genies were locked up in alcohol or forced to twist the tail of a dog... Now there are computer games and the bustle of ant hills.  Virtual worlds are forever cast out the Jinn from the real world.

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People become alcoholics and drug addicts out of fear that they are not respected.  These people's egos are inflated by increased self-esteem, and any lack of respect causes them anxiety and pain, causing them to run away from reality or show aggression.

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The idea that Vice can be of any use will turn you into a drug addict.

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It should be understood that in the mode of emotional exhaustion and depression, the brain loses the ability to rejoice until the moment of recovery.  The recovery period is best spent sleeping or working.  At the same time, it should be clearly understood that the recovery period will be dull and joyless, but you do not need to be afraid of this.

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To escape, you will have to sacrifice your illusions, you will have to break the glass house.

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The first reason for alcoholism is increased self-esteem and reflection on the injustice of being in relation to yourself.  The classic alcoholic craves the respect and recognition of the real world, and believes that he is little respected and not valued.  Against the background of this lack of love, a person falls into anxiety and melancholy, the salvation of which is sought in alcohol and other vices.

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How to get rid of alcoholism? 
- Stop inflating your self-esteem, relax and stop thinking about the unfairness of life.  You also need to stop denying yourself, to come to terms with yourself.  An alcoholic, using a potion, runs away from himself, from the worries and sorrows associated with the idea that he is bad, he is not respected, the world is unfair.  All these thoughts need to be refuted through the denial of lies and, having come to the truth, find joy.

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Alcoholism happens from an excess of pride in the body.  Other causes of this disease are unknown to me.  Unless it's ignorance…

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Your problem is that you are sitting inside yourself, you are too focused on your loved one.  You're running away from the real world.  To escape from fear, focus on people and things, on work and goals.

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You drink every day to relieve your anxiety and stress.  What you don't know is that your stress and anxiety are half caused by alcohol.  Stress is fear.  When you run away from fear, you lose your immunity to it, and your life is filled with endless anxiety.

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In the absence of self-respect and lack of external recognition, a weak man will seek solace in vices, alcoholism, drug addiction... his character will begin to show aggression, self-love, resentment of the whole world, contempt for others, distrust of people, nihilism and criticism of life.  In fact, all these features of the worldview are characteristic of pride and ignorance.  To combat pride, you need self-restraint, fasting, work, reading, learning, and humility.

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Alcoholism leads to the fact that it generates dichotomous thinking, against which the world becomes very gray and unpleasant.  Rejection of reality is fear.  Chronic fear undermines health and a person begins to slowly rot, further aggravating their plight.

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