6.49.     AR AR

It's hard to argue about where everyone agrees.  No joy there.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


2332.     AR AR

Arguing  over  some  idea  is  primarily  necessary  for  its  architect.  It's  only  an  argument  that  can  demonstrate  all  its  weak  and  controversial  points. 
An  argument  makes  it  possible  to  polish  the  diamond  of  the  idea  into  a  valuable  jewel. 

Tradu.: Muhortova Natalie


3.3178.     AR AR

In a dispute, the function of skeptics is to identify system vulnerabilities.  In no case can the purpose of the dispute be to convince the skeptic of the truth.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


3.2671.     AR AR

I have nothing to argue with you about, you described the elephant's ass quite correctly, now let's talk about the elephant as a whole.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


8.6575.     AR AR

I  get  what  you  are  speaking  about,  but  don't  want  to  speak  with  a  fool.

Tradu.: Варвара Учеваткина


8.6930.     AR AR

In the dispute the main thing is not victory, and participation.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


8.5132.     AR AR

Controversy  doesn’t  give  birth  to  any  truth,  controversy  is  more  like  sex  and  the  truth  is  born  later,  based  on  reflections  on  what  has  been  said.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


8.3309. It is often cheaper to concede than to argue.     AR AR

Tradu.: NeuronNet


3.1711.     AR AR

Logical reasoning, the honey of tar is the battery, where the tar binds, saving energy.  Humility with tar will allow you to use the energy of honey.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


8.7455.     AR AR

Women  like  to  raise  argument  but  dislike  being  argued  with.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


3.2998. Arguments generate lies.     AR AR

Loving   communication   is   a   criterion   of   knowledge.   If   there   is   no   love   between   people,   they   will   argue,   generating   differences   between   them,   i.e.   form,   i.e.   lies.   The   truth   isn't   born   in   an   argument,   only   a   lie   is   born   in   an   argument.

Tradu.: Varvara Uchevatkina


9.1952.     AR AR

In another dispute was only wood for the fire.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


4.1251.     AR AR

I'm not sure why you have to argue about the truth. Truth is an axiom that needs no proof. The truth is not disputed. I bet only liars, discussing their lies.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


9.526.     AR AR

There  is  a  key  difference  between  an  argument  and  a  problem  discussion.  Discussing  solutions  for  a  problem  is  constructive,  while  having  an  argument  is  destructive.

Tradu.: lushchenko Marina


9.181.     AR AR

Don't argue with fools, and the smart ones won't argue with you.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


6.337. Dogma.     AR AR

Truth is that which is unquestionable or based on unquestionable truths. If something can be challenged logically , it is a lie. A successful attempt to challenge the truth is a lie.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


5.827.     AR AR

It's beautiful when you can't argue. Truth is beautiful, and only a fool can argue with it.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.5955.     AR AR

The   point   of   a   pile   of   sand   is   to   bring   the   General   to   the   particular,   to   make   one   out   of   many.   When   you   have   a   square   in   your   hands   and   your   opponent   has   a   circle,   you   can   argue   until   you   are   hoarse   about   who   is   right.   You   will   endlessly   Bang   your   head   against   the   wall,   proving   who   is   right.   This   is   what   idealists   do   all   their   lives.   Proving   other   people   that   they   are   right   and   others   are   wrong.   That's   why   idealists   live   in   hell,   that's   why   idealists   '   lives   are   sad.   The   world   is   not   perfect,   it   hurts   them.   Square   lovers   suffer   when   they   see   a   circle.   Circle   lovers   go   crazy   when   they   see   a   square.   Syntalism   proposes   to   destroy   a   square   and   a   circle,   turning   them   into   heaps   of   sand,   and   then   it   will   become   noticeable   that   they   are   two   identical   heaps,   and   there   is   no   subject   for   argument.

Tradu.: SD


7.92. Don't waste energy on resistance.     AR AR

No need to argue, no need to justify anything.  You need to listen carefully and think about how you can use the situation for the benefit of the case.  Even if I disagree, there is no need to argue.  Say, "all right, all right, let's think."

Tradu.: NeuronNet


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