4.621.     AR AR

Pain is a sin, like any other sin, conquer evil with contempt. Contempt kills pain, contempt turns pain into joy.

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10.1165. Delusions of grandeur.     AR AR

Pride is contempt for stupidity, falsehood, and weakness.  Pride is narcissism, against the background of someone else's imperfections you seem unusually great.

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10.1435.     AR AR

"Who will tell "cancer" to the neighbor, will burn in a hyena fiery",...  because "cancer" is insignificant, and contempt for one's neighbor is pride, a mortal sin.

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10.2068.     AR AR

Judge not, lest ye be judged.  You know who's not on trial?  Himself.  When you judge, you become jealous and contemptuous.  When you find contempt in others, a little later you find it in yourself.  You start despising yourself, trying to kill a part of yourself, and that's impossible.

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10.1428.     AR AR

Slander your neighbor violates the commandment "do not judge" and is a manifestation of the sin of pride, anger or contempt.

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10.5938.     AR AR

Pride is contempt for imperfection.  It seems to pride that things are imperfect and that they must become perfect.  Pride despises those who do not strive for perfection.  Pride judges things.  He considers some things more perfect than others.  Pride thinks itself a judge.  Pride thinks it has the right to decide what can and cannot be lived.  What to release energy, and what should die of hunger.  What is beautiful and what is not.

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9.1743.     AR AR

A  righteous  person  whose  righteousness  has  made  him  arrogant  and  who  is  mired  in  despise  for  sinners  is  not  a  righteous  one,  but  the  worst  of  those  he  despises.

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4.607.     AR AR

It is dangerous to love a cowardly and weak person. Such people, believing that there is nothing to love them for, intuitively believe that only those who are worse and weaker than them can love them. This thought awakens in them pride and contempt for the lower. They become arrogant and aggressive.

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3962.     AR AR

The  problem  of  our  sins  and  weaknesses  is  that  they  evoke  hate  and  indignation  in  other  people.  When  people  see  OUR  sins,  they  soon  start  to  hate  THEM  and  treat  US  badly. 

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10.3624.     AR AR

Love without humility is pride.  Pride is a denial and contempt for everything that a person does not love.

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10.31.     AR AR

Men in whom there is no love of truth might be despised, but that is pride.  Replace contempt with compassion, these people are burning in hell, their lives are endless suffering in contrast to the rare pleasures that are no more than wood in the fire of their suffering.

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10.3575.     AR AR

Remember, if your love, on the one hand, causes adoration, and on the other, anger and contempt with all who do not share it, it is not love, but idolatry and the sin of pride.

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10.2385.     AR AR

When you conquer contempt and realize that nothing is everything, you will see.

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10.2066.     AR AR

Prejudice, that is, fear and contempt, is the chief enemy of knowledge.  Any source of information is worthy of attention.  The smaller the grain of knowledge, the more useful it is.

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