9.5839. Chess cannibalism.     AR AR

Life is like chess, but there are many differences. Life is multidimensional, there are many players, the rules change dynamically, many pieces, including pawns independently decide where to go and the king only indirectly affects the moves of his pieces. Moreover, in real life, unlike chess, their pieces can "eat" their own.

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10.5835. Don't be afraid, you're brave.     AR AR

The point of success is not to get lost in a crazy situation.  Feeling fear and a wild desire to escape, make a move with your horse.

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10.5873. The knight's move.     AR AR

In a difficult situation and needs a knight's move.  Knight's move is a very crooked and strange decision.  A knight's move is a completely absurd and unpredictable madness.

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10.5878.     AR AR

Passion turns a man into a Queen.  Wisdom to the king.  Straightforwardness is like an Elephant.  Honesty - in officer.  Pawns ' abilities are limited by the small number of their virtues.

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10.5880.     AR AR

The ability of the pawns is limited, but if a pawn will show courage, consistency and passion in the service of his love, she can become a Queen.  A Queen is someone who loves the king passionately.  The king is mind, truth and perfection.

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10.5881.     AR AR

A pawn that proves its love to the king can become any other available piece.

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10.5884.     AR AR

Knight move requires courage and ingenuity.  The cavalry is the aristocratic spirit.  Cavalry strikes an unexpected blow to the heart of the enemy.

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