9.8628.     AR AR

Sometimes  it’s  very  beneficial  to  suffer.  Compared  to  the  awful  past,  the  light  present  looks  rather  positive.

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10.1442.     AR AR

There   are   three   views   of   life:   positive,   negative,   and   dispassionate.   However,   Syntalism   offers   to   manage   their   movements   in   the   name   of   current   goals.

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10.2063.     AR AR

The division of reality into positive and negative part there is a vivid example of duality, and of idealism.

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10.2103.     AR AR

It   is   important   to   understand   that   to   ignore   does   not   mean   to   run   away.    Many   people,   trying   to   keep   peace   of   mind,   run   from   any   negativity,   and   it   turns   them   into   a   squirrel,   fixated   in   the   wheel   of   all   that   they   do   not   like.

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10.2205. Two sides of fear.     AR AR

Optimism is the fear of, an escape from the negativity.

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10.4106. Divide and conquer.     AR AR

You don't have to think positively or negatively, you just have to separate the flies from the soup.  There is no need to suffer because of flies, and there is no point in happily choking on them.

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10.4116.     AR AR

Inside man is illuminated by the sun.  If this energy is not used for growth and movement, there is negativity and fear.  Fear is like a radiator, something that drains excess energy.  If fear is turned off but growth is not turned on, the system will burn.

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10.4470. Love is creation.     AR AR

Every feeling is an expenditure of energy.  Energy desirable spend on useful creative activities.  It is foolish to waste energy on negativity or pleasure, especially since pleasure can be obtained for free in the process of creation.

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10.4902. Big statistical trick.     AR AR

By and large, you can judge things as positive, but at the same time accept the fact that a third of the judgments will be wrong.

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10.4911.     AR AR

Trusting uncertainty over time turns it into a useful and positive certainty.  Useful, because, trusting, we begin to benefit from it.

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10.5167.     AR AR

Try to allocate all your negative emotions strictly limited 40 minutes a day.  You set the alarm for 40 minutes and at this time you force yourself to cry or be angry.

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10.5187.     AR AR

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10.5306.     AR AR

The harm of fear is that we fear in advance for a very long time.  Fear has not yet come, and we have already spent all the energy and exhausted forces.  With an effort of will and mind in advance to hope for a positive outcome.  If the outcome is negative, the torment will be five minutes.  If you suffer in advance, stress can last for days and weeks.

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10.5331.     AR AR

Humility is hope on the level of the Golden section.  Humility is the realization that the hope for a positive development of the event with a probability-62%, and negative-38%.

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