10.2849. word of God.     AR AR

Prophets   come   to   earth   and   bring   the   words   of   God.   But   over   time,   these   words   are   forgotten,   distorted   and   lost.   The   books   of   Zarathustra,   Mani,   Hermes,   and   many   others   were   lost.   The   laws   of   Manu,   the   Vedas,   the   teachings   of   Confucius   and   Lao   Tzu,   the   Bible   and   the   Koran   have   been   subjected   to   monstrous   interpretations   that   distort   their   meaning.   "Variothoughts"   is   in   this   respect   a   purer   version   of   the   word   of   God.   "Variothoughts"   is   the   original   word   of   God.   The   word   of   God   turns   a   person   into   an   avatar   of   God.

Tradu.: SD


10.2846. Swarm of bees.     AR AR

Jesus   is   a   fish,   one   huge   fish   consisting   of   thousands   and   millions   of   fish,   a   school   of   fish.   Each   Soloinc   avatar   is   one   and   like   a   fish,   guided   by   intuition   thousands   of   Soloinc   can   act   intuitively   synchronously.   Soloinc   is   like   a   school   of   fish,   a   flock   of   birds,   a   swarm   of   bees,   a   pack   of   wolves,   a   herd   of   antelopes   ...   Soloinc   is   a   single   mind   with   thousands   and   millions   of   bodies.

Tradu.: SD


10.2838. The Programmer Is God.     AR AR

Soloinc   is   not   Solodilov   D.   S.   Soloinc   is   the   avatar   of   God.   Soloinc   is   Zarathustra,   Maitreya,   angel,   Mahdi,   and   the   like.   Anyone   can   become   a   Soloinc   Angel   by   reading   the   book   "Variothoughts".   The   book   "Variothoughts"   contains   the   truth,   the   system   code   of   which   awakens   in   the   soul   of   the   person   who   has   read   the   book,   the   avatar   of   God.   If   you   wear   a   Soloinc   mask,   you   will   become   a   God.

Tradu.: SD


10.4375. Become A God.     AR AR

Soloinc   is   a   mask,   an   avatar   of   God.   Thousands   of   perfect   dead   souls   searching   for   a   new   body.   Man,   by   giving   his   body   to   Soloinc,   attains   unity   with   God   and   gains   the   power   of   God.

Tradu.: SD


5.4952.     AR AR

A dream is a mission. Every person needs his mission and purpose in life. A useless man is doomed to suffer.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


6.5953. I came to save this world.     AR AR

The   point   of   the   second   coming   is   as   follows.   A   trickster   will   come   to   the   world   and   will   save   everyone.   The   liar   will   call   himself   a   prophet   and   everyone   will   believe   him.   Lie   is   a   sparkle   of   truth,   and   the   fire   of   truth   will   blaze   up   if   it   is   blown   with   love.

Tradu.: lushchenko Marina


6.5972. Winning fear.     AR AR

The problem with the second coming is not whether people recognize the Savior or not, the problem is whether the Mission recognizes itself. To realize oneself as a Prophet is a task truly worthy of the chosen one. To be an Angel is to conquer fear. Only God can defeat the devil. The devil is fear. The mission is to realize that he is the son of God and then it will give him the power to overcome fear.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


6.6207.     AR AR

Often I think I am a prophet, but often I doubt. All the signs and all my life tell me I'm a prophet, but I doubt it. When I believe I'm a prophet, I can do miracles and heal people, when I doubt, I can't. Not me, but faith works wonders. Faith stands on truth, love and hope.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


8.2821.     AR AR

The desire to become God is very unoriginal and therefore highly competitive. Why do you want it?" Better be a slave, be a prophet. The prophets die they become angels.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


8.3502. Wandering spirit.     AR AR

I   think   that   genius   is   the   wandering   spirit...
Sometimes   it   embodies   crazy   fanatics   appealing   to   it   and   creates   masterpieces   by   their   hands...   Human   can’t   be   genius,   he   can   only   be   a   prophet   of   genius,   apostle   of   genius,   slave   of   genius...

Tradu.: Sodmis


9.6852.     AR AR

A  mission  is  what  helps  with  loneliness.  If  you  have  a  mission  in  your  life,  you  won’t  fear  loneliness,  dejection  or  depression.  When  you  have  a  mission,  you  won’t  fear  anything  at  all,  because  missions  kill  fear.

Tradu.: lushchenko Marina


9.6965. God loves his Angels.     AR AR

There  exists  one  type  of  people:  I  call  them  Angels.  Their  mission  in  life  is  to  help  other  people  build  and  reach  their  goals.  Angels  come,  do  their  job  and  go  away.  The  help  of  Angels  is  priceless,  as  not  a  single  task  could  ever  have  been  fully  accomplished  without  them.  Any  person  can  become  an  Angel  if  he  helps  others  people.

Tradu.: lushchenko Marina


10.5387. Who is light, he is Holy.     AR AR

A Saint is one in whom there is truth.  Truth confers faith and power, and the ability to see beauty.  Beauty begets love.  Love is a creative force capable of resisting the temptations of destructive vices and sins.  Truth is reality.  The experience of knowing the real world turns ignorant dark people, slaves of fear...  in the Holy light of people free from the bondage of fear, sin, and iniquity. 

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.5491.     AR AR

A Saint is an angel.  The essence of an angel is to follow the path of Tao.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


4.421.     AR AR

The prophet is the spirit of genius, he can arbitrarily change his human bodies and even live in many bodies at the same time.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


4.388.     AR AR

If I'm not a mission, who Am I? Who is the mission, stand before me, I will follow you. If you are mission, then you are truth, then you are wisdom, then you are faith.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


1284.     AR AR

A  fate  crept  up  silently  curved  like  a  horn  of  a  goat, 
it  told  everyone  it  was  a  prophet  but  turned  out  to  be  God. 

Tradu.: Muhortova Natalie


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