4.93.     AR AR

Thanatos wants to kill those who killed his love.  Thanatos is the devil.  The meaning of the devil to punish the murderers of love.

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5.89.     AR AR

The devil is the product of idealism; it is the idealists who have divided God into good and bad.  The reason is that idealists themselves suffer from a chronic split personality and therefore they see the black-and-white world everywhere.

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3.206. Truth will save you.     AR AR

Christians   must   always   remember   that   the   devil   is   fear   and   fortuity.   Consequently,   if   your   soul   is   overfilled   with   fears   and   your   life   with   fortuities,   it   means   demons   defeated   you.   Your   spirit   and   faith   are   weak   and   your   fear   points   to   your   obsession   with   demons   and   lies.

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3.209.     AR AR

God   is   truth   and   light.   The   Devil   is   lie   and   darkness.   Lie   engenders   fear,   anger,   avarice,   greed,   arrogance   and   so   on.   Vices   engender   diseases   and   sufferings.   If   you   want   to   get   rid   of   sufferings,   treat   them   with   God.   Truth   is   a   cure   for   lie   and   darkness   flees   from   light   in   fear.

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3.219.     AR AR

Lie   always   tries   to   look   better   than   truth,   the   Devil   is   arrogant   and   thinks   he   is   superior   to   reality.

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3.261. Sad woman.     AR AR

The man is very dangerous to lie to a woman, for faith is love, losing faith, the woman turns into the devil.

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3.262.     AR AR

A man who has no God turns a woman next to him into a devil.  What is God?  God is power, faith, hope, love, determination, courage.  In short, you can not lie, doubt, fear and sit idle.

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3.528.     AR AR

The devil this there is the absence of God, i.e. the absence of love.

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3.570.     AR AR

The devil is one who desires love and hates sinners.  The devil's only Achilles ' heel is pride.

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3.576.     AR AR

Everything in this book, I could say a few words, but you will not believe me.  You know all about yourself, until you're told the same thing a hundred times in different words, you won't lift a finger.  Alas, such are the sinners; they prefer to ever suffer and howl in pain, naive puchase eyes and broke his hands, they say, no suffering.  Know, sinner, you are terribly lucky that the devil is very good, if I were in his place, your suffering would be increased tenfold.  Good thing I'm not the devil, the devil's smart, he knows not to overdo it with the whip.  Suffering is especially good in contrast.

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3.586.     AR AR

The devil is the Creator who lives within man.  If the Creator has nothing to create, he will plunge into self-destruction of himself and the world around him.  The devil, when he does not create, is filled with a terrible pain that makes him terribly evil and vicious.

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3.590.     AR AR

Expectations are terrible, and you do not wait, you accept any outcome.  Trust God, God is when things are for the best.  But fear is the devil.

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3.597. Get rid of fear.     AR AR

Remember, if you have fear, then you are a sinner and doomed to suffer.  Fear breeds lies, anger, and other vices.  Fear is the devil's first name.

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3.616.     AR AR

Do   not   judge.   When   you   do   not   judge,   you   are   not   afraid   and   you   do   not   doubt.   When   you   have   faith,   not   fear,   in   you,   you   have   God,   not   the   devil,   in   you.

Tradu.: lushchenko Marina


3.617.     AR AR

Resignation   means   this:   do   not   judge.   When   you   do   not   judge,   you   kill   the   devil   in   you   and   engender   God.   God   is   a   miracle.   God   is   the   state   of   the   quantum   superposition   X,   the   combination   of   the   incompatible   such   as   powerlessness   and   absolute   strength,   a   point   and   a   universe.

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3.629.     AR AR

God will punish those in whom there is no love, and his weapon will be the devil.  The devil is Cerberus, the faithful dog of God, punishing those in whom there is no love, and therefore faith, truth and beauty.

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