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Calmness  and  placidity  are  signs  of  noble  nature. 
Vile  people  are  carnal  minded. 

Tradu.: Muhortova Natalie


2799. Prolonged rest means death.     AR AR

Everyone  needs  some  rest  but  prolonged  rest  slowly  turns  into  death. 

Tradu.: Muhortova Natalie


5.331.     AR AR

The squirrel in the wheel is vain. She does not know that everything is vanity, and her life is a wheel where everything goes in a circle. He wants peace, not knowing that peace is death.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


5.333.     AR AR

He who is calm is like a lake, and he who is not is a stream flowing into that lake. Tranquility is the restraint. Restraint gives form to energy and, like a magnet, attracts it.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


7.937. Calm, keep calm!     AR AR

The  meaning  of  calmness  is  that  emotions  prevent  a  person  from  thinking,  as  they  almost  turn  his  brain  off.  To  turn  the  brain  back  on,  that  person  has  to  calm  down  by  turning  unnecessary  emotions  off.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


3.1422.     AR AR

Equanimity and calmness is a sign of courage.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


7.482.     AR AR

It is believed that peace of mind and integrity are more expensive than money and other material goods. You can not change the comfort of the soul on the material.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


3.1676.     AR AR

When you are immersed in your thoughts and dreams, you sleep.  When there is silence in your head and reality takes possession of your attention, you Wake up.  Awakening is the movement, peace is a dream.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


7.823. Keep calm, just keep calm.     AR AR

Zen  is  the  key  of  every  business.

Tradu.: Варвара Учеваткина


3.1739.     AR AR

To realize the real world, you need peace of mind ...when the ripples on the surface of the mirror disappear, you can look into its depths and see the undistorted reflection of reality.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


9.725. It is faith that kills fear.     AR AR

Faith  is  an  intangible  miracle  that  grants  peace  and  confidence,  kills  fear,  motivates  and  inspires.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


3.1872.     AR AR

The less you know, the better, because of fears less, anger less anxiety less.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


3.1991.     AR AR

Many things, if treated calmly, come and go quickly.  But your emotional reaction focuses on them...  Attention is love, everything that touches love grows.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


3.2060.     AR AR

Serenity is courage that overcomes fear.  Truth is the source of serenity.  Who knew life, he stopped being afraid.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


4.2273.     AR AR

To cheer up, create conflict and burn bridges. Peace tends to sleep and do not want to work.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


3.1843.     AR AR

Mind you, the word" dead "comes from the word"rest."

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.6072.     AR AR

Calmness is thrift.  When you're angry, you boil and evaporate.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


3.1894.     AR AR

Remorse speaks of the futility of action.  "You are a scoundrel," screams conscience, " your actions did not make sense."  Find meaning and your conscience will leave you alone.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


3.1959.     AR AR

Paradise idealist is peace, all other forms of pleasure for him is a douche.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


3.2067. Nothing terrible and nothing special...     AR AR

Usually all our fears and expectations no more than a light puff.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


4.2818.     AR AR

Peace is not joy, peace is death. In the stillness of peace, the whisper of pain turns into a fiery wail of endless suffering.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


5.3071.     AR AR

Your dispassion and peace is the great value of the world, nothing is worth breaking it. Things outside of you do not have to break your centered peace movement to the target.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


5.3072.     AR AR

An independent person is a person whose peace of mind does not depend on the objects and people around him.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


10.5424.     AR AR

Peace is truth, waves produce lies.  At rest, the waves draw their power.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


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