4.3102. The tale ended.     AR AR

"Drug" (addiction) is a metaphor for Cinderella, whose carriage, sooner or later, turns into a pumpkin, horses into mice, and Cinderella herself will fall into depression. Indeed, under the drug everything is fine, but without it everything is disgusting and the further, the more disgusting, and the drug itself eventually ceases to work and all that remains after it is a deep unhealed blackness of disgust.

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3.593.     AR AR

Addiction is fear.  Fear that the pleasure will end.  Fear of pain.  Fear of the real world.  Fear of fear.

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10.7119.     AR AR

To love for pleasure is a sin and a drug addiction.  Love is a tool for learning the truth, a source of faith and strength.

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10.6079.     AR AR

Against the background of Paradise narcotic pleasures, real life is not happy at all.  Drugs are villainous magic that turns any person into a Princess on a pea.  The Princess's life is like hell, and her dreams are like heaven.

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10.5560.     AR AR

Pleasures that are not connected with fruitfulness and growth are addictions that give rise to depression and neurosis.

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3835.     AR AR

Love  is  a  drug.  Making  some  person  addicted  to  your  love,  you  give  something  that  this  person  will  no  longer  be  able  to  live  without. 

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10.5516.     AR AR

The fight against drugs is the fight with fear of pain.

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3990.     AR AR

Vanity  is  the  most  powerful  source  of  pleasure  and  drug  in  this  world. 

Tradu.: Muhortova Natalie

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3.252.     AR AR

Prelomlenie people always pissed that his little bad love because there is a tolerance to the drug.

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3.882. Lucky, so lucky.     AR AR

It is especially dangerous when the wrong decision brings a good result.  In this case, the person falls into drug dependence on the wrong decision and statistically turns into a lie, that is, falls into the abyss of problems.

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4.267.     AR AR

Try not to feel sorry for the children sverhmery. If the child realizes that pity is the fastest source of pleasure, he will no longer be able to grow and win. Winners and strong people no regrets. Those who get hooked on the pity drug can no longer grow and win.

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4.259. False consolation.     AR AR

Drugs are a scary thing. People use drugs to escape suffering, but... this leads to the fact that the suffering in the absence of drugs becomes stronger and stronger, and the painkiller is addictive and it stops working. As a result, one morning a person wakes up in hell, from which there is no escape.

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10.6697.     AR AR

Onanism generates an addiction to pleasure, which reduces the sensitivity of the brain's neuronal receptors to pleasure, love, and joy.  As the sensitivity decreases, the world becomes uninteresting, dull, and gray.  Now there's nothing to love but drugs.  In fact, chronic depression and frustration develop against the background of dependence on acute sources of pleasure, such as Masturbation, sweets, computer games, alcoholism, etc.

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4.268.     AR AR

The addict thinks the world is very selfish because no one wants to feel sorry for him as much as he feels sorry for himself.

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4.274. Sticky poison.     AR AR

People love to be pitied, pity is like a drug... and distributors of pity – dragdiller.

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10.5741.     AR AR

The tale of Ilya Muromets gives hope to all people who have lost a lot of time on entertainment, vices, entertainment, depression and depression.  Blessed are the poor in spirit, because they are like a coiled spring that has been coiled for a long time.  The energy stored in the point is enormous.  Even our universe is said to have originated from a point.  If the Genie is released from the bottle, he will be capable of miracles.

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4.283.     AR AR

Gaming addiction is worse than heroin.

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4.286.     AR AR

Pleasure is the reward for a good deed, relaxation after exertion. Pleasure without a good cause is a terrible poison and drug. Anyone who offers you pleasure for nothing makes you a drug addict.

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4.345.     AR AR

There is no sweet without sweat, except drugs, cheese in a mousetrap, a worm on a hook, bait for fish, freebies for a fool, etc.

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4.554. Seeds.     AR AR

Avoid cheap and tasty things, they are like drugs, they are easy to get addicted to and hard to get rid of.

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