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In the fairy tale "Scarlet flower" woman lives in a sad and sad Paradise, where against the background of happy peace all suffer. The woman, unable to bear the suffering, asks to find her husband (or she finds). The woman stayed at home, age requires the creation of his family. In the garden of Eden, the flower is ripe and in dire need of love. Then she marries a monster, and giving it to the monster, the whole family cries. Then she lives with this monster in fear and agony. Then she realizes the love monster to itself, it finds positive traits and also falls in love. As a result, the woman humbles and falls in love with her new home and husband, finding peace and happiness. Morality: not so afraid of the devil, as painted. Parents are good, but their home is better. What at first seems bad, the ugly become beautiful. All men are monsters, but if you look closely, it is even cute, the main thing is to overcome the first impression. In monster, the main thing – the sincerity of his love for beauty, if monster honest in love, and the beauty is you can safely to love him.

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Scarlet flower is the heart of beauty, which has matured in the garden of Paradise of his parents ' house and is now looking for a husband to create his family and reproduction.

Tradu.: NeuronNet


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