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3.1363. A contrast creates suffering.     AR AR

The   Princess   on   the   pea   suffers   a   lot.   The   contrast   between   what   is   good   and   what   is   bad   for   her   is   so   huge   that   pain   literally   drives   her   mad.

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4.2711.     AR AR

The   fewer   problems   one   has,   the   bigger   they   are.

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10.601. An unrecognized hero.     AR AR

Princes and knights are looking for princesses.  Which is natural, but always problematic.  Princess on a pea is always dissatisfied with all the woman who is unlikely to appreciate the hero's feat.

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4.1423.     AR AR

The   fewer   problems   you   have,   the   more   dangerous   they   are.   Remember   the   princess   on   the   pea:   such   a   trifle   was   driving   her   mad.   Similarly,   as   you   resolve   your   problems,   you   will   notice   that   the   remaining   ones   are   getting   bigger   and   bigger.   If   you   want   to   get   rid   of   major   problems,   think   up   many   minor   ones.

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3.1749. The flapping of a butterfly's wing is a terrible force.     AR AR

Our desires are infinitely little bearing on reality...  But you know that less is more.

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10.814.     AR AR

The less people, the more subjective its problems.  Big people have little problems, but don't be jealous of them.  The agony of the Princess on the pea is enormous.

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4.2432. Salt in the wound.     AR AR

The   problem   with   sinners   is   that   they   seek   consolation   and   comfort.   At   first,   comfort   seems   to   bring   joy   to   them   but,   by   contrast,   their   sufferings   increase.

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4.1316.     AR AR

The symbol of the Princess on the pea is a symbol of unbearable suffering of people who want to find salvation from suffering in comfort.

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4.2563.     AR AR

Problems   should   be   cherished   as   some   problems   protect   you   from   other   problems.   Upon   resolving   all   your   financial,   housing   and   professional   problems,   you   will   instantly   go   to   the   hell   of   health-related   problems.   The   rich   and   the   beautiful   have   monstrous   health   problems.   The   princess   on   the   pea   is   extremely   sickly.

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4.2649.     AR AR

Man   needs   very   little   to   be   happy,   but   the   more   reasons   he   has   to   be   happy,   the   unhappier   he   is.

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4.1514.     AR AR

To save the Princess on the pea from suffering, you should pour into bed a whole jar of peas.

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4.2698.     AR AR

To   avoid   going   mad   with   fear,   life   should   think   up   as   many   current   problems   as   possible.   The   more   problems,   the   smaller   they   are.   The   fewer   problems,   the   less   horrible   they   are.

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10.5798.     AR AR

The Princess on the pea is pampered and soft.  The slightest problem causes her hellish suffering.  Princess terribly nervous and hysterical, slightly that she's freaking out or cries.  This monster is not just sitting locked in a tower, only a fool would dare to let her out.  They say that if there is a brave man who loves her, the monster will turn into a beauty.  Unfortunately, nowadays no one believes in fairy tales.

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4.2699. Divide and rule.     AR AR

The   truth   is,   all   problems   are   more   or   less   similar.   Interestingly,   it’s   not   even   about   problems,   but   about   the   place   they   occupy   in   your   head.   Similar   to   a   gas,   fear   tries   to   fill   all   available   space.   If   fears   are   numerous   and   small,   they   suppress   each   other.   If   just   one   fear   is   left,   it   starts   to   be   like   the   Tower   of   Babel,   thus   turning   into   paranoia.

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10.6079.     AR AR

Against the background of Paradise narcotic pleasures, real life is not happy at all.  Drugs are villainous magic that turns any person into a Princess on a pea.  The Princess's life is like hell, and her dreams are like heaven.

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10.1988. Power is sexy.     AR AR

Hurting people can be very different, placing the Princess on the pea once a featherbed, you double her suffering.

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