10.45981. Holy irony.     AR AR

Irony permeates syntalism.  Syntalism is an ironic philosophy.  Irony and a sense of humor are fundamental properties of the mind.  Syntalism has made even the sacred ironic.

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10.55481. Self-irony.     AR AR

Different religions saw the salvation of man in different entities.  They talked about love, hope, compassion, care, knowledge, Justice...  This is all well and good, but syntalism says that the symbol of salvation is self-irony.  Do not create an idol, do not create a super-value.

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10.55482.     AR AR

The most important human virtue, according to syntalism, is self-irony.  Psychopaths have great problems with a sense of humor, they can easily make fun of others, but when they laugh at themselves, they are very offended, angry, upset and begin to consider themselves victims.

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10.55483.     AR AR

Self-irony is an elixir for many problems, however, it should not be confused with self-flagellation or ridicule of other people.

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10.55681.     AR AR

Excess hopes arouse greed and drive you crazy.  Hope should be treated with a touch of irony, otherwise it turns into madness.

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10.55800.     AR AR

Syntalism is the most ironic philosophy. 

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10.58609.     AR AR

Neurosis is mental hyperinflation, which is perfectly healed through self-irony, modesty and knowledge of the structure of oneself and the world.  You need to be simpler and the neurosis will heal.

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10.59627.     AR AR

They say that irony is the last stage before disappointment, but what good is charm, and why can't this last stage be called the humility of pride, that is, the good?

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10.60258.     AR AR

A person automatically believes in strong fear or joy.  Therefore, the mind needs skepticism and self-irony, not to believe, not to be afraid and not to ask.

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10.60290.     AR AR

Hard, it's brittle…  That is, absolute faith is very fragile.  For faith to become truly invulnerable, it needs to be diluted with skepticism and irony.  Brittleness is associated with a lot of stress.  Relaxation and stress relief will increase our vitality.

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10.60423.     AR AR

Irony puts everything in its place, not allowing to exaggerate the troubles and joys.

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10.65341.     AR AR

Self-irony is a great tool for pacifying your pride, saving you from self-blinding and burnout.  Pacifying his pride, a person gets the opportunity to control his energy.

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10.66031.     AR AR

Self-irony is a great remedy for depression, stress, neurosis, anxiety and a bunch of other nasty things. 

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10.75672.     AR AR

The cure for neurosis, narcissism and pride is skepticism and irony, as well as self-skepticism and self-irony.  The point is to devalue idols, super-values and narcissism. 

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10.70955. Ironic philosophy.     AR AR

The symbol of syntalism philosophy is helium, and helium is a cheerful gas. 

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