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Following the physical law of bifurcation in fractal systems, Syntalism believes that all phenomena differ very little from each other.  Having reached a sufficiently low threshold level, it occurs  the cutoff and the signal bifurcates, and begins to compensate for each other.  Thus, the small is integral, and the big is bifurcated and, compensating for itself, still remains small.

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10.86339. Causes of suffering.     AR AR

According to the understanding of Syntalism, the causes of human suffering and vices are very simple.  At the root of human troubles lie such ideas as…  The idea of salvation  from suffering.  The idea of the injustice of suffering.  The idea of the ideal.  The idea of insufficiency, greed and hunger.  The idea of fear and security.  The idea of resentment, sacrifice and savior.  The idea of the persecutor, the accuser and the avenger.  Thirst for power and superiority.  Thirst for the best, love and happiness.  Idolatry.  The idea of superiority over other people.  All this is narcissistic pride and neurosis.  There is no other reason for human suffering except pride and narcissism, and humility of pride and healing  There is a key to narcissism.

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We know what happiness is, but we won't tell anyone about it.  An ordinary person does not need to know what happiness is.  An ordinary person wants happiness and wants to have it.  However, he does not need happiness, happiness is dangerous, happiness is a drug.  Our mission is to protect a person from his stupid desires.  Happiness is safe only for those who do not need it.  More  Moreover, if a person does not have happiness or does not know what it is, then happiness is a deadly poison for him.

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The narcissist's problem is that, having overestimated the value of his desires, he looks at the world through the paradigm of his desires and does not see anything outside of them. Including, this person does not see other people's desires.  That is, the paradigm fragments reality, giving rise to anosognosia.  Then this person runs around offended and outraged by the injustice of the world.

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10.86214.     AR AR

Classical love is a dichotomous idolatry.  Syntalism moves from dichotomy to 3D Trinity-style love.  Self-love.  Love for one's neighbor and love for a dream.  The next step Syntalism moves to 6D love, introducing concepts such as love your enemy, universal love, love that manifests and reveals light in the dark. 

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I have sacrificed many things to achieve perfection in one thing.  The trick is that perfection is infinite and limitless, and much is limited, and therefore little.


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10.86261. The culture of love.     AR AR

A cultured person is a person who has mastered the culture of love.  The meaning of a person's life is to learn to love.  Therefore, the most important task of parents is to instill in children a culture of love.

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10.86265.     AR AR

A person who has learned to love loves being and non-being equally.  Being is what it is.  Non-existence is something that does not exist, but it can appear at any moment from non-existence and become being.

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10.86268.     AR AR

Culture is the science of loving.  A cultured person knows how to love, but an uncultured person does not know how to love.  Culture and art teach a person tolerance, restraint, the ability to see and distinguish beauty.

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10.86279.     AR AR

Syntalism does not believe that a person who works better and works more is better than a person who works worse and less.  Recalling the parable of the winegrower, Syntalism says that the winegrower pays everyone equally and values everyone equally.  The proud man thinks he is better than other people because he has done something there more perfect, bigger, taller, smaller, fatter, thinner, etc.  However, it is precisely for this that Mr. proud walks forever offended that he is not appreciated enough, and falls into hell.  Nothing makes one person higher and better than another.

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10.86282.     AR AR

Are you suffering much?  Repent, sinner.  Pride and human sins are the only cause of human suffering, and repentance is the key to salvation from suffering.  You will say you are not a sinner and you have nothing to repent of.  I will say that in this case you are three times worthy of all your sufferings, and your sin is the most terrible of sins, it is the mortal sin of pride.

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10.86286.     AR AR

I noticed that God, who is love, does not punish anyone and does not even judge.  A person judges himself and punishes himself.  A person does everything possible with his own hands to suffer and stay in hell.  There is a big shortage of firewood in hell, but the proud man, having shown miracles of perseverance and obsession, will still get them to add boiling water to his cauldron.

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