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10.5725.     AR AR

The main task of a Christian psychotherapist is to help a person overcome pride and find humility.  Pride is the source of fear.  Fear breeds anger, vices, despondency and laziness.  Humility is the cure for pride.

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7.7146. The words are as medicine, every disease their words.     AR AR

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Religion  says  that  what  matters  is  love  because  the  absence  of  love  is  dejection,  laziness  and  darkness…,  i.e.  the  punishable  sin.

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Religion  is  resignation  to  the  divine  providence.  Having  resigned  to  the  divine  providence,  a  man  gains  the  strength  to  overcome  dejection  and  to  start  seeking  benefit  and  meaning  in  everything  that  happens  to  him.  Having  resigned  to  the  divine  providence,  a  man  recognizes  God’s  laws  and  authority  and  starts  obeying  them,  which  allows  him  to  experience  divine  grace,  luck  and  miracle.

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9.9322. Pandora’s three boxes.     AR AR

The  three  main  sins  are  arrogance,  dejection  and  greed.

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9.9320.     AR AR

To give up is to lose hope. The loss of hope is discouragement, and therefore a mortal sin.

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9.9315. A wormy and rotten apple.     AR AR

The  difference  between  dejection  and  arrogance  is  that  arrogance  is  a  wormy  apple  eaten  by  the  worm  of  the  sin,  and  dejection  is  a  rotten  apple.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina

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9.9309. Mortal sins.     AR AR

Arrogance  and  vanity  are  the  main  vices  of  the  rich,  and  dejection  and  avarice  are  the  vices  of  the  poor.

Voorwoord: Muhortova Natalie


10.3743.     AR AR

The main reason that a person comes to a therapist is the fear of losing control.  When idealists lose control, they panic.

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9.8937. Hopelessness.     AR AR

Discouragement is the loss of hope. A hopeless person loses faith and love first, and then everything else.

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8.1431.     AR AR

Hell  is  the  place  where  sinners  live.  If  you  feel  bad,  it  means  you  commit  sins. 
...the  whole  legion  of  your  sins  includes:  stupidity,  pridefulness,  vanity,  greed,  weakness,  wastefullness  etc. 

Voorwoord: Muhortova Natalie


7.7657.     AR AR

The devil is a disease, the truth is a medicine. To drive the devil out of a man requires a shock dose of truth for six days. It will hurt, but then, when a man is cured, Paradise awaits him.

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7.7656. Creation of the world.     AR AR

The world was created in six days, and a psychotherapist can completely change a person's personality in six days, completely overloading his philosophy, replacing illusions with reality, lies with truth. Truth is an antibiotic that kills the disease of lies. Shock course of truth for 6 days completely cures a person from lies and illusions. Along with lies go fears, pain, suffering, sins and vices.

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7.7516.     AR AR

Humility, hope, faith, and love are the chief weapons against fear. Victory over fear is necessary for you. Fear begets the devil ...anger, despondency, pain and suffering, and through them greed for vices. The devil himself is a lie, and his chief weapon is fear.

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7.7128.     AR AR

Joy  of  vices  is  a  joy  with  tremendous  hangover  and  personal  degradation.  Joy  of  virtues  is  just  as  joyful,  but  with  no  hangover  and  more  healthy  one.  It's  like  cheap  moonshine  and  a  chic  expensive  cognac.

Voorwoord: Варвара Учеваткина


7.7039. They say neurosis can't be cured, but why... because I am.     AR AR

A neurotic is the same sinner who lives in hell during his lifetime. For two thousand years the Church has been treating neurotics with the following instruments and entities – God, hope, repentance, faith, love, compassion, consolation, truth, reason and education, creation and work, order, a collective of virtuous people. The Church will save sinners from the devil and eternal suffering.

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7.6773.     AR AR

The cause of human impotence is sins and vices. Lies, pride, and despondency are the cause of the weakness of the spirit of the mind, the cause of failure and unfulfilled hopes.

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7.6579. Evil is where there is no God.     AR AR

If God leaves you, you will be plunged into darkness. How to kill God? - Easily God kills lies, hubris, despondency, the absence of love, faith and hope. Killing God, you're killing Genesis and there is only oblivion ...and nothing ...and illusion.

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7.5765.     AR AR

The devil is a disease, truth is a medicine against the devil. A shock course of antibiotics will help you eradicate the evil within yourself. 

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7.4519. The strongest medicine.     AR AR

The most miraculous and powerful medicine for any problems and diseases is called hope. What you love gives you hope to believe in. Hope, you believe, creates a Miracle.

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