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6.2508.     AR AR

Meditation   gives   us   the   strength   to   gain   power   over   our   own   body,   cleansing   it   of   superfluous   passions,   emotions   and   feelings.   Pain   and   fear   are   especially   harmful   for   the   soul.  

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4.2. Meditation of the solar plexus.     AR AR

Deep   breathing   focused   on   the   solar   plexus   is   good   for   all   kinds   of   stupid   thoughts   and   superfluous   emotions.

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4.1659.     AR AR

You   should   relax,   waiting   for   fear.   Having   rationally   decided   that   fear   would   disturb   you,   relax   in   advance   and   meet   your   fear   with   your   muscles   deeply   relaxed.

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6.1290.     AR AR

Close   your   eyes,   take   a   long,   deep   breath   for   8   seconds,   hold   your   breath   for   8   seconds   and   pause   for   another   4   seconds.   Repeat   three   times.

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6.1294.     AR AR

Mental   training   works   very   well,   as   it   trains   nervous   responses.   You   kill   fear   by   training   your   struggle   against   fear,   by   visualizing   it,   by   disengaging   yourself,   by   dominating   and   mocking   it   and   by   giving   it   incongruous   and   stupid   shapes.

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6.1383.     AR AR

The   silence   of   reasoning   is   calming.   Disperse   your   attention,   and   you   will   see   and   be   filled   with   silence.

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6.1419.     AR AR

Focus   on   what   you   can   change   and   ignore   everything   else.   Time   should   be   spent   only   on   useful   things,   that   is,   on   something   having   growth   and   movement.

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6.1648.     AR AR

Cognition   makes   it   possible   to   perform   rites   and   rituals.   Rituals   strengthen   your   faith   and   your   strength   of   spirit.   You   will   love   these   rituals   if   you   know   their   usefulness.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


4.885.     AR AR

There   are   no   sufferings   in   the   void.   There   is   no   fear   in   the   void.   There   are   no   superfluous   emotions   in   the   void.   The   meditation   of   the   void   liberates   intelligence.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


4.1302.     AR AR

To   concentrate   means   to   be   here   and   now,   thinking   about   one   thing:   what   you   are   looking   at   and   what   you   are   hearing.   To   concentrate   means   to   think   about   what   you   are   doing   right   now   and   not   about   what   you   will   be   doing   later.   Concentration   is   love.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


4.1335.     AR AR

The   ability   to   consciously   do   nothing   is   the   ability   to   tighten   the   spring.   It   is   the   ability   to   focus   efforts   into   a   point   and,   having   reached   critical   mass,   to   create   a   new   universe   with   an   explosion.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


4.2113. Conviction meditation.     AR AR

If   you   like   some   conviction   and   you   want   to   make   it   part   of   your   personality,   close   your   eyes   and   repeat   it…   100   times,   1000   times…   for   a   week.   Then,   remind   yourself   of   it   once   a   week,   on   Saturdays.

Voorwoord: lushchenko Marina


10.5167.     AR AR

Try to allocate all your negative emotions strictly limited 40 minutes a day.  You set the alarm for 40 minutes and at this time you force yourself to cry or be angry.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.5084.     AR AR

Think of yourself as the ocean.  It will make you powerful, deep and calm.

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10.5102. Repent.     AR AR

All the problems in your life started when you weren't breathing right.  You think you need to breathe deeply, but, in fact, you need to breathe with your stomach.  One should be restrained in breathing.

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10.6356.     AR AR


When you start running in the morning, you will notice that the weather does not have bad weather.  When the extra thoughts disappear from your head, you notice how beautiful this world is.


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10.5769. The force of deterrence.     AR AR

The lack of growth and movement leads to the release of energy, which can be accumulated by stretching, like a bowstring or spring.  The stored energy can be used for explosive growth.  To do this, you need to have a specific goal and avoid energy leakage.  Fear and joy are radiators to release excess energy.  In addition, the energy can leave through parasitic actions that are kind of calming.  Any activity, including thoughts, leads to a drain of energy.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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