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In the squid game we see six kinds of shit.  Players are two kinds of shit – smaller and bigger.  Shit in the form of game employees.  The organizers of the game are highly spiritual shit.  VIP people are the most gigantic shit.  Plus, the sixth grade of shit is those who spawn the first five grades of shit.  The sixth kind of shit is the idolater and the saviors. 

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The movie "The Squid Game" is a blessed thing.  He is the key to insight for healing  from narcissism, neurosis, depression, suicidal tendencies and a bunch of other mental ailments.

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The audience really liked the squid game, because everyone subconsciously recognized himself in the characters of this game. 

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99% of people play the squid game all their lives – from birth to death, unable to stop.  Most people are obsessed with pride, and nothing can save them.

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The more a squid player commits crimes and immoral acts for the sake of his super-valuable goal, the more this prize becomes, and the player himself becomes more and more obsessed and more and more drawn into the black hole of vice.  The more crimes and stupidities a player commits, the more he wants to do it again.  This is how any vice and neurosis behaves.  Greedy hunger is constantly growing, and moral limitations are melting.

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The point of playing squid is that pride is a game where the only way to win is to give up victory.  The meaning of victory over pride is metanoia and a change in the value system.  The proud are doomed.  Goal  Sisyphus is unattainable.  To roll a stone uphill, you need to realize the insignificance of this delusional super-valuable idea and abandon it.  The main character found the strength to give up money and therefore won.  There are no other ways to win. 

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A super prize in the squid game is a classic delusional super-valuable idea that proud people pursue all their lives.  This is the idea of superiority, the best and super-worth.  An idea for which proud people lie, steal, kill, betray, become slaves to idols, addictions and gambling, commit stupidities and burn in hell all their lives.  The meaning of life for proud people is a rat race, where rats cannot trust each other and each rat is for himself, but everyone will lose anyway. 

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The peculiarity of the proud is that they are slaves of their pride, so they cannot refuse to play squid.  The squid is an allegory of the octopus, in any case, one of the tentacles of the octopus will get the proud man and drag him into the infernal abyss. 

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It seems as if some squid players are innocent and their punishment is unfair, but this is a misconception.  All these people are proud idolaters, longing for a better idol and creating idols for themselves.  It doesn't matter who your idols are.  It is important that you decide that one is ahead of zeros.  The path to hell is paved with good intentions and all idolaters go this way.  Without good intentions, they walk with difficulty and mud, and with good intentions they walk easily along a straight stone road. 

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A proud man is a man whose meaning of life is playing squid.  More  That proud man is cursed as  Sisyphus, he is not able to refuse to roll a stone uphill, he is not able to avoid the tentacles of squids.  The thirst for superiority, the thirst for the best, greed, vanity are the true sins of the proud, and the squid is just their projection on the outside world.  The squid lives inside the proud man himself.  A proud man is a squid. 

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You can win the game only by refusing  from winning.  In any case, you will not be able to take advantage of the winnings or this win will kill the winner.  The victory is connected with the realization that the prize is poison and it is not needed.  You can win and then give this prize to a lot of people.  The prize is a super-value.  Poison is medicine in small quantities, so the super-valuable prize should be divided into very many people. 

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The squid game is the same game as the horse racing that the hero plays at the beginning of the movie.  The only way to win a horse race or a squid game is to give up the game, that is, to give up winning.  The essence of the sin of pride is the thirst for winning, the feeling of the super-value of winning.  As long as this super-value exists, victory is impossible.  Squid games, vices, rat races are fly trap games where all flies inevitably die.

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All squid players are proud and their sin is different facets of the sin of pride.  A proud man is doomed, he has no chance of winning, in any case he loses.  The main character was playing at the races.  If he lost, he was eager to recoup.  If he won, it turned him into a drug addict.  The sin of all proud people is idolatry and the thirst for superiority, the desire to be perfect and serve or own the ideal. 

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