10.22320. Imperfection is the joy of growth.     AR AR

The meaning of free will is that a person chooses his own goal (dream)  and begins to grow towards it, entering the path of improvement.  Initially, a person is perfect for their tasks, but choosing a new goal, they take a step into imperfection and get the opportunity to grow again, feeling the joy of endless growth.

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10.22324.     AR AR

You needn't be afraid of being imperfect.  You're perfect anyway.  Everything material is infinitely perfect.  Infinitely many illusions are jealous of the simplest reality.

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10.22380.     AR AR

All people are perfect and perfect, but each in its own way.  It is pride to think that your perfection is in some way better than the perfection of someone else.

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10.22474. Imperfection is joyous.     AR AR

I'm not perfect.  Because perfection is dead and I am alive.  Moreover, I am very imperfect, because I grow daily, and there is no limit to my growth.  I cannot be perfect, because perfection is the best that has lost the joy of growth.

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10.22549.     AR AR

Perfection is what works.  The brink of perfection it's different modes of optimality, in which there is an economy of time, motion and space.

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10.22698.     AR AR

There are no such words progress and regression, there is specialization.

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10.22719. How I became more beautiful.     AR AR

Experience makes us better.  I have recently been banished from my old place, and I have come to two new places at once, and each of the new places has made me in some way smarter, more perfect, and stronger.

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10.22722.     AR AR

The main thing is not you, but your tail.  You are needed to make the tail feel good.  The point is that if the tail has become more perfect and beautiful, it means that you did not suffer in vain.

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10.22725.     AR AR

The concept of " being perfect as the Lord God»  it means to be perfect in love.  In practice, this is expressed in the love of your work, skill, dream, truth, children, the world around you, and everything that a person loves.

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10.22736.     AR AR

It is very useful when you are helped to subdue your pride.  By humbling your pride, you will grow stronger and become stronger and more perfect.

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10.22737.     AR AR

Pride is an imperfection.  By humbling your pride, you become more perfect and closer to reality.

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10.22744.     AR AR

Perfection is a matter of specialization.  The path to Paradise that leads through the eye of a needle is a metaphor for perfection in love and humility with imperfection in everything else.

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