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The principles of reason are that philosophy, that is, knowledge and truth, which are contained in the mind of man. The basis of the power of the spirit is the principles of philosophy laid down in the Foundation of reason. The stronger a man's philosophy, the stronger his spirit. The weaker the philosophy, the weaker the spirit. The truth is strong, lies weak.

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Philosophy  is  what  makes  you  stronger.  If  your  philosophy  is  weak,  you  are  weak.

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Philosophy is not a profession, but a state of mind associated with the predominance in the soul of man conscious over unconscious.

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A paradigm is like a window into the world.  When your window is cloudy and crooked, your ideas about the world are very far from reality, full of lies and fears.  The more pure and real a person's philosophy is, the more healthy his soul and body are.

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Philosophy is the love of wisdom.  Wisdom is a flexible mind based on life experience.  The most important features of the philosophy are flexibility, tolerance and practical experience.  Experience is the movement and knowledge of life that generates faith, the source of power.  The reverse side of faith is love, a source of energy.  The unity of experience, faith, and love generates truth, the first name of God.

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Philosophy is the love of wisdom.  Wisdom is the degree of knowledge of life.  Love is knowledge and admiration.  In fact, philosophy is the love of life, the joy of knowing life and admiring being.

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Wisdom is the degree of knowledge of the world around us, and love is the ability to see beauty, admiration, and the need to know and care about the object of your love.  A philosopher is a person who can see the beauty of life and is deeply in love with life.

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Philosophy is the experience of knowing life.

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The more greatness, intelligence, joy, and power there is in a person, the more truth there is in his philosophy.  Power devoid of joy is a sign of pride and lies that permeate the philosophy of man.

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The ancients called philosophy a science for the few.  Those few who have learned the science of philosophy are called aristocrats of the spirit.

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You underestimate philosophers for nothing...  Philosophy is the love of wisdom...  And God is love, truth, reason, and wisdom.  In fact, philosophy is the love of God.

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Philosophy is knowledge.  Knowledge is the first need of the mind, the limitation in the realization of which is literally maddening, filling life with suffering.  Moreover, knowledge is essentially love, and love is joy, truth, and faith.

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