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Read until you understand ... Think until you understand…  Do it until you understand.  Awareness requires perseverance.

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Books should be read in order to find in them the truth and any useful information for real activities.  Reading books in order to find pleasure, kill time, escape from reality or fear is something like a mortal sin that generates a lot of problems and Heartbreak.

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It is very bad when people who do not like to read start writing books.  It is very difficult to read someone who does not like to read himself.

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Read complex books for 30 minutes a day, and no more.  Avoid overexertion and exhaustion.  Little by little and slowly you can read any, even very complex and heavy book.

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A book is a passive reader of its reader.  The reader, reading a book, is not able to see in it anything other than himself and what he already knows from the experience of his own life.  The maximum that a book can do is to focus the reader's attention on past experiences.

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I am a grateful critic who seeks and knows how to find the good in everything... I am the one who turns darkness into light... So my criticism will not reveal your shortcomings, but I will turn your shortcomings into advantages.  However, if you are fed up with joy, I can instantly devalue everything just by saying that everything is good...

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By artificially limiting your reading time, for example, to thirty minutes in the evening, you will awaken a desire to read.  Everything that is restricted tries to grow.

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10.22073. Keep going, keep going.     AR AR

The Talmud can be mastered, but you need to strictly limit yourself to 30 minutes a day, avoiding overkill and exhaustion.  The more you restrict movement, the further you can go.

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10.22370. Light against darkness.     AR AR

When reading a book, often ask the question "why?»  Reading  Talmud, I have noticed that on average there is one very strange thought per page, in which, if you think about it, you can achieve enlightenment and joy.

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Books are more like truth than movies, because books create a greater extension in time.  Books are in good agreement with the principle of "more haste, less speed".  Movies are too limited and this is like a lie.

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10.22556.     AR AR

Fairy tales and fiction are very useful for those who want to learn to distinguish between illusion and reality.  On the other hand, the story is a lie, but it contains a hint.  Every fairy tale has a mustard seed of truth.  Remember, this is what the seed of faith and hope looks like.

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