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War is war, and sports and reading are scheduled.

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A quick run dispels an anxious mood, like a wind-fog.

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In sports, you need to do the same exercise three times, first, because one is a lie, and secondly, the essence of this whole thing is to get used to the pain.

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In the morning, my whole body ached, and I wasn't in a good mood.  After running five kilometers, I noticed that all the pain disappeared, and a pleasant cheerfulness and inspiration filled my soul and body.

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A break is a great time to devote to physical exercise and meditation.  A break is a rest.  The best rest is exercise, meditation, reading or studying.

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The most sensible form of entertainment and recreation I know is reading and exercise.

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Physical activity that accompanies the act of attention contributes to greater clarity of thinking.

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A healthy philosophy, abstinence, and exercise can completely replace medicine.

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Sports team games are the only place where people disinterestedly communicate outside of classes and classes.

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Sports, books and work are the Holy Grail of existence, which is enough to succeed in this world.

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Pull up and stretch is very healthy, devote at least five minutes a day to it.

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