10.21936.     AR AR

Brainstorming through denial is like this... you Take what's there and deny it as if it's not there, and you think what you're going to do.  When the glare of the fire idol, blinding in the darkness, is gone, ... you will see many small hopes of stars in the night sky.  Try it by giving love (time and attention)  these little hopes, work out a couple of them.  These paths may be different.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.21854.     AR AR

In the balance, a lot of small things weigh more than one big thing.  The small is more like the truth than the big one.  The universe is a grain of sand, not a Moon in a bucket.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.19908.     AR AR

Idolatry is not a bad thing.  Idol  The sun is good and useful, it is pointless to argue with this.  Another question is what isn't  Man lives by the sun alone.  There are still a trillion stars in the sky.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.19836.     AR AR

By paying attention to things, you give them your energy, from which they grow.  He who pays attention is like the sun.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.19662. Self-sufficient personality.     AR AR

A star is an object that, having learned the essence of the simple, has learned to extract energy from what it has the most and no longer needs external sources of energy.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.19661. Knowledge is power.     AR AR

The   book   "Variothoughts"   is   a   kind   of   model   of   the   universe.   The   universe   is   truth.   Truth,   striving   for   perfection,   reaches   a   critical   mass,   which   generates   a   chain   reaction   of   division   into   forms   within   the   system.   The   larger   the   system,   the   deeper   its   division.   The   book   "Variothoughts",   having   expanded   outwards   by   more   than   70   thousand   texts,   has   divided   itself   into   more   than   700   books.   Internal   separation   increases   the   object's   gravity   by   absorbing   simple   objects   from   the   outside   world   (interstellar   dust,   plankton,   episodes,   and   details).   An   increase   in   the   gravitational   mass   of   an   object   leads   to   the   formation   of   a   star-class   object.   Since   the   raw   material   of   Variothoughts   is   truth,   the   knowledge   of   truth   is   inexhaustible,   accordingly,   such   a   source   of   energy   can   be   called   internal   and   turn   the   representation   of   the   system   inside   out.   The   internal   division   of   Variothoughts   into   books   looks   like   the   explosion   of   our   universe,   and   the   external   expansion   that   absorbs   matter   resembles   a   black   hole.

Voorwoord: SD


10.19579.     AR AR

To get access to energy, you must first reach a critical mass, and then restrain yourself from growing and dividing.  When you reach critical mass, you will become a star or a universe.  By holding yourself back, you will accumulate energy.  If you don't restrain yourself, you will quickly burn out and turn into a black hole.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.19317. Star.     AR AR

As soon as the system gains critical mass, a chain reaction is triggered, and the whole within itself begins the process of dividing into many forms, as a result of which a stream of energy is released.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.19134.     AR AR

Truth   is   a   very   simple   point,   within   itself   infinitely   vast   as   the   universe.   Truth   grows   inwards,   not   outwards.   Outside,   the   universe   is   a   point,   but   inside,   the   universe   is   infinite.   Outside   the   universe   is   the   word   Variothoughts,   but   inside   it   is   a   whole   world   of   thoughts   and   books.

Voorwoord: SD


10.19133.     AR AR

The   Variothoughts   concept   is   a   concept   of   the   universe   and   a   point.   The   universe   is   an   infinitely   huge   point.   One   book   of   Variothoughts   is   divided   into   hundreds   of   galaxy   books   and   thousands   of   thoughts   of   stars.

Voorwoord: SD


10.18992.     AR AR

Saturn is a symbol of distance from love, bound by chains of vices.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


10.18778.     AR AR

The   book   Variothoughts   is   a   metaphor   for   the   universe.   Individual   Variothoughts   books   are   galaxies.   Individual   texts   are   stars,   planets,   meteorites,   and   asteroids.

Voorwoord: SD


10.18694.     AR AR

The sun shines with internal sources of energy, and the black hole draws everything into itself.  Watch these two and draw conclusions.

Voorwoord: NeuronNet


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