10.19390.     AR AR

An act consists of an action and a motive.  The law of cause and effect has a probabilistic nature, but if actions form a system extended over time, then probability turns into inevitability.

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10.20614.     AR AR

By increasing the number of objects, we change their quality.  On the one hand, we devalue this quality, and on the other, we turn it into a barrel of honey.  Honey is cheap, everyone needs a fly in the ointment…  However, by creating a barrel of honey, we will automatically create a fly in the ointment.  The fly in the ointment is very expensive, and we will make money on it.  On the other hand, honey is also not the most useless essence of existence.  Selling inexpensive honey, you can also earn money.

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10.20634. The negation of the negation.     AR AR

To realize that everything is good, you must first add up the two extremes that deny each other, and then realize that they are both lying.

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10.20774.     AR AR

The principle of negation of negation proves that there is no lie, everything is truth.

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10.20775. Multiplication of truth.     AR AR

The search for truth through the denial of lies is, in fact, the realization of the dialectical principle of negation of negation.  By denying a lie, you get a power function of truth.  There are infinitely many lies.  By endlessly denying a lie, you will receive an infinite source of energy, strength, and joy.

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10.21067.     AR AR

By negating negation, we reconcile one and zero, increasing the power of the system by an order of magnitude.

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10.21358.     AR AR

First all the words are reversed, then the negation of the negation, and then combine both extremes to achieve the integrity of the truth.  Truth is the integrity of all options that do not exist.  Truth is infinite.

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10.21936.     AR AR

Brainstorming through denial is like this... you Take what's there and deny it as if it's not there, and you think what you're going to do.  When the glare of the fire idol, blinding in the darkness, is gone, ... you will see many small hopes of stars in the night sky.  Try it by giving love (time and attention)  these little hopes, work out a couple of them.  These paths may be different.

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10.21946.     AR AR

Denial of a lie happens like this.  This is the essence that we believe to be truth and reality.  Now imagine that it is a lie and, therefore, it does not exist.  If it's not there, then what is?  Let's think!

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10.22323.     AR AR

The accumulation of quantitative changes with the transition to quality occurs on average once every five years.  The main thing here is the length of effort in time.

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